PGA Tour 2k23: New Features, Defects Discovered After Release in October 2022

Released in October 2022, PGA Tour 2k23 unfortunately did not have all its features.
A defect that the community did not hesitate to inform 2k games and developers.
Good news since an update was deployed a few days ago to join the cross-play and matchmaking, as well on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 like Xbox One.
In this way, no discrimination possible, everyone will be placed on the same equal footing and everyone can measure themselves with anyone.
Be aware that in the matchmaking classified, it will be possible to participate in competitive sleeves and climb experiences of experience.
The classified game is divided into six levels with three divisions in five of the six levels, each level having a unique icon and color to differentiate your rank.
Another thing too, in all classified matches, solo but also in duet, the players will compete with the pro-activated difficulty and will be limited to their gyp layer creation.


It should be noted that duets are alternative shots, while the solo is a regular game.
You know everything.

Here is the trailer that accompanies the good news.

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