Pokemon Go Research with Lieiskus – Starting Tomorrow – Find Out What Happens Saturday (Feb 11th)!

In Pokémon Go, the restricted research with Leaks runs on Saturday (February 11th).
We reveal you which material awaits you and why it can be worth playing in the city.
What sort of occasion is that?
The Valentine’s Day occasion 2023 is presently running in Pokémon Go.
Bonus offers are active that will bring you more star dust at present openings and increase the period of lock modules.
A big day of this occasion is February 11th, where you can take notice of Leaks for three hours.

restricted research with Leaks

When is the start and end?
The occasion starts on Saturday, February 11th, at 2:00 p.m. It is active for 3 hours and ends at 5:00 p.m. (local time each).
What does the event bring?
When turning image discs to Bakeshops, you will receive field research that reward you with Hibiscus encounters.
There is an opportunity that you will get a Shiny throughout these encounters.
To do this, you will fulfill the following Pokémon in the wilderness, which you can see on the graphic:
You need to consider that: At events for restricted research, you benefit from having numerous stops in your environment.
In the past, numerous players in the nation grumbled that due to the couple of stops, they had actually just received a couple of occasion tasks.


The encounters with Leaks were less.
If you plan to receive as numerous Leaks encounters as possible, then you ought to play in places such as parks or in the city, where you will discover a great deal of Bakeshops.

No short-term research study: At the last occasion of this kind, there was confusion in the neighborhood.
Numerous coaches awaited their momentary research study and complained that they were not triggered with them.
The occasion is called restricted research and does not unlock you for a momentary research study like lovely want the Valentine’s Day occasion.
You just get the jobs through field research study.
Who is that worth it for?
Hibiscus are without a doubt not strong enemies that you need for your collection.
Shiny hunters can attempt their luck at the event and possibly catch a few yellow copies of the Pokémon.
In addition, the changed generates in the wilderness may be a reason for you to play during the 3 hours.
There will be many exciting dates in the next few weeks: our event overview for February 2023 at Pokémon Go

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