5.1, followed by a version 2.3 and half festivities, then a version 2.4, among others.Tower of Fantasy: A Semester of Western Exploitation – Update 2.3 and Half Festivities (August 2022)

In the lot, we find in specific the carnival celebration: the players deal with 2 members of The Sound Band, a rather unique musical group made up of the Corpus guitar player and singer Led.
Mon and Later use their talent of artists to forecast devastating acoustic waves.
It will be necessary to face them separately in fight, then challenge them in a mini-game of rhythm and action.
Extension of fate is a second instance which this time inspire of racing games for speed enthusiasts: it will be necessary to pilot a racing vehicle in order to collect energy points which will then serve to access a chest and unlock an end of the world against tear of the.
Chaos, a hostile robotic whose strategy will have to be warded off to overcome it.
We include origin of the war, a new high-level seasonal activity (restricted duration): four gamers work together to advance in the levels of a trip, whose problem is progressive.
At the end of the season, the accounts will be made, and the awards will be dispersed according to everyone’s achievements to the server.

New simulates: Abyss and UMI.

As we understand, the heart of the Tower of Fantasy gameplay is based on simulacra, archetypes of playable characters from the MMORPG-each upgrade or almost unlocks new simulacra, which all have a preferred weapon like so many styles of.
Different game.
Update 2.3 Échappé not to the guideline and enables you to find two unpublished simulacra: Abyss and UMI.
Abyss is a unique forces’ agent who just recently signed up with the security forces of the City Cyberpunk in Mirror.
It is of the frost type and utilizes an atypical weapon: footboards.
It for that reason asserts disastrous kicks, in addition to having capacities which inoculate it often against the control results, sometimes against damage for brief durations.
She can likewise improve her abilities when she attracts her opponents in her freezing field.
She also has the special capability to change a fairy to better infiltrate her opponents.
Quite conventionally, the simulates have a story that sin scripts in the more worldwide story of the video game. According to its history, Abyss has long suffered from migraines, and today it continues to be haunted by nightmares.
At the same time and even if she is a newbie to Mirror’s security forces, she clearly has a common past with Captain Saki FWA.
Advancing in the frame and the missions of the upgrade among the miasmas will plainly make it possible to make the link in between these various narrative sections.
By these sides, UMI is a new entertainer from Mirror.
UMI is a physical fighter and utilizes a remarkable whisk, called Möbius, to keep his challengers in regard.
Obviously overflowing insensible and life, constantly quick and rather facetious to amuse his stocks, UMI, however, also conceals heavy secrets manifestly linked to the invasion of Interspace entities.
Then once again, it will be up to the gamers to find them by simmering in the history of the upgrade.
Note that the 2.4 variation of Tower of Dream will likewise offer at least a brand-new simulacrum, Henri, whose capabilities will be revealed quickly and whose developer reveals Laplace.
While waiting to discover the western version of the character, in the Chinese variation, Henri is capable of creating musical areas in which his abilities cause damage or more powerful charge on the opponents present in the area of result, depending upon.
Henri’s points-the more she is injured, the more disastrous her assaults.

Occasions of semi-anniversary.

If the Miasmas upgrade has been deployed on the live servers of Tower of Fantasy on February 2, the MMORPG commemorates its semi-anniversary considering that this February 9.
To mark these first 6 months exploitation in the West, S (ER) occasions arranged worldwide of video game until March 8 enabling to win resources and cosmetic things: for example a multiplayer arena game readily available since the other day.
February 9;.
Then an evaded game readily available from February 16 in which players will have to remain on a bridge as long as possible while preventing projectiles;.
A boxing video game from February 23 when a player will have to try to reach the other individuals who will have to avoid his blows.

After a release in China in December 2021, Tower of Dream made Lob jet of a localization-especially in French-in anticipation of a Western launch in August 2022. Fort dun sufferers approximated at 34 million dollars produced throughout the very first 2 exploitation of the game, Tower of Dream then chained the major updates at a sustained speed: a variation 1.5 in September simply a month after the release in the West;
Then in October, the very first part of Extension Vera (variation 2.0 of the MMORPG animates cross-platform);.
Followed from a content update every month throughout the last quarter in order to end up Lances to brand-new locations on earth assisted and unlock unpublished simulates- the archetypes of playable characters from Tower of Fantasy all having a various game design.


To a specific weapon.
To inaugurate 2023 and mark the first half birthday of Western Exploitation of the MMORPG (which fell on February 9), Tower of Fantasy recently developed in variation 2.3 with the implementation of its update among the Miasmas, concomitant with.
Organization of several unique events and mini-games.
Hence, after the desert stretches of Extension Vera, the update among the miasmas leads the gamers in a radically various atmosphere, made from marshes, tropical forests and kart territories-columns of stone on the surface and chasms and chasms.
Caves in the basement.
Trailer of upgrade 2.3 among the Miasmas of Tower of Fantasy.

Expedition of the marshes miasma.

Found northwest of the Vera expanses on earth Aida, the marsh at Miasmas is the brand-new area included by the 2.3 update of Tower of Dream.
Visually, the place contrasts with the previous regions of the MMORPG and immerses the player in a country with rich plants.
To develop the marshes with miasmas, the developer suggests is inspired by kart reliefs, these areas stressed by rock pillars shaped by hazarding of the waters, masking tropical forest swamps and complicated networks of rivers, overlooking gorges and caves-like as much.
From various levels to check out, with the threat of getting lost in the caves.
The area is not that a design and intends to serve the gameplay.
The nation is large and the marsh with miasmas is constantly evolving in order to spice up the expedition of the premises (for instance depending upon the climate condition, like flooding locations when it rains).
To motivate the interest of the players, we can also look for puzzles to be fixed in the different corners of the marsh, in order to unlock extra benefits.
Adventure in the marsh is far from being a health walk: players can sometimes be challenged with poisonous gas fumes from the ground (they appear especially when it rains), which inflict progressive damage to those who are remaining-.
Recognize puzzles to dispel poisonous gases.
The plants of the marshes is likewise a source of dangers: when the world AIDA has been colonized, the humanity has actually installed environmental research labs utilized to cultivate mutant plants.
When antiques versus these laboratories (of which there are still ruins in the location), these mutant plants have actually spread out in the marshes and are for that reason now susceptible to the passing traveler.
In the exact same spirit, gamers will also have the ability to connect with the animals and flora of the marsh (significantly eggs) to conjure up elite monsters and try to defeat them in order to do rewards.

New bumps: Jormungand and Eva.

Unsurprisingly and like the other Tower of Dream areas, the Miasmas marsh likewise houses 2 unpublished bumps: Jormungand is an altered type manager, inspired by Nordic mythology and which utilizes an imposing Claymore for its main attacks.
Throughout combat, she can continue with an extra attack that increases the scope of her blows.
The second boss is Eva, who masters lightning attacks.
Her twirling assaults practically take the type of choreography, chaining progressively frantic spinning attacks-when the battle progresses, it increases the stated number which generates.

Unpublished cooperative bodies.

For the most knowledgeable gamers, the upgrade 2.3 boosts the maximum level and makes it possible to progress up to level 90. Enough to enable the groups of the Gotta studio Imagine of brand-new Denvergure obstacles and cooperative instances (high-level EVE).

Beyond the mini-games, the Gotta studio likewise proposes to drew players to the events: a vote is also organized in game, inviting gamers to choose their favorite simulacrum from a choice of 8 popular characters.
The simulacrum well-known by the gamers will gain from a special commemorative skin, distributed for complimentary at the time of players.
In addition, if certain stages of votes are exceeded, all the gamers of the servers concerned will get special awards.
The developer likewise organizes a sponsorship operation.
Gamers who recruit brand-new Dares buddies (brand-new players or veterans who have actually not been connected for a minimum of 2 weeks) will receive rewards including odd crystals and red nucleus along with extra elect the favored simulacrum.
New gamers will likewise receive rewards to facilitate their primary steps or their return to the game.
For veteran gamers, a brand-new tool will also show an evaluation of in-game achievements as part of the occasion.
Via this temporal pill (offered until March 8), players will be able to open a celebratory title.
For the record, Tower of Dream adopts a free-to-play model and is dispersed in specific in French.
The game is readily available from the official site, on PC by means of Steam or on Android and iOS mobile platforms.
Notice to the curious who wants to (re) find the latest news from Tower of Dream to the location of his semi-anniversary.
This short article belongs to a marketing campaign;.
He was composed at the request of a marketer, who reread it prior to publication, without requesting for a modification either on the kind or on the benefits.

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