WoW: Embers of Neltharion – Uncovering New Lore with Patch 10.0.7 and the Dragon Flight Storyline

The very first huge story chapter in WoW: Dragon Flight ends with a bang.
Nazareth, the storm eater, plunges the dragon islands into mayhem and brings the dragon elements to misery.
After the fight versus Alexstrasza, the storm eater stormed to Thaldraszus.

Their objective was the vault of the versions, an ancient titan fortress, in which other protodrache incarnations and their primarily dinner were locked up for millennia.
Our heroes succeed to stop Nazareth.
However, the pals about our triumph just lasted briefly.
Since with her last breath, the storm-eating female freed ancient enemies of the dragons, who are targeting the aspects and work of the titans.

new story rampage in WoW Dragon flight

Nazareth was the first incarnation to break out of her dungeon at the beginning of Dragon Flight.
In the vault of the incarnations, we learn that it was the youngest and therefore weakest of the four protodrache incarnations.
There are three other mighty protodraches that have connected your body and soul to the wild components.
Their names are Tyrant, the Fresher, Frank, the blazing and the largest amongst them, Gridiron, the stone scaly.
The three protodrache versions are free!
What is your next goal?
Source: Blizzard
Tyrant, Frank and Gridiron are complimentary.
The protodrache trio is probably the next big threat that our heroes need to return in Patch 10.1.
On the test server for WoW Patch 10.0.7, there are currently preliminary indications that the dragon aspects gather their strength for the upcoming battle versus the three magnificent proto-dragon versions.
The Data miners also found the name of the next story chapter.
The project bears the name Embers of Nelhtarion.
Campaign (1)
New 204
Name: Cinders of Neltharion
Description: 10.1 narrative project
(Source: Towhead).

the numerous earth guard dogs in Wow.

Part of the story will probably be about Neltharion and its past as the aspect of the earth.
There was currently data from cards on which numerous caves under the dragon islands were tape-recorded in the alpha phase of WoW: Dragon Flight.
Amongst the dragon islands there is certainly a commonly branched cave system that is reminiscent of Tottenham, the realm of Thorazine.
As a reminder: Thorazine is one of the four elementary prince and head of the stone and earth elementals in Zeroth.
Because the start of Dragon Flight, there are some interesting fan theories on the network, which handles Neltharion’s beneficiaries and the return of the stone mother.

Tradition fans of World of Warcraft (buy now) presume that the area is an ancient dragon lack of Neltharion.
Access for this could really be on the forbidden island.
The whole might likewise match the many ruins on the forbidden island, in which Neltharion let the Rather go to sleep a very long time back.
So it might be that the brand-new story chapter Embers of Neltharion starts there, and we lastly find out more about Neltharion’s research.
Perhaps there is even brand-new information about the mystical titan artifact, which can be seen briefly in the animated Dragon Flight: Legacies on the arm of Neltharion.
Some players speculate that we will discover other unspoiled dragon eggs in the cavern system under the island that could contribute in to defend the subsidiary throne.

The rise of Gridiron.

Blizzard could also develop on completion of the vault of the versions on the forbidden island.
Nazareth handled to free her siblings from the Titanen prison.
We understand little about the three protodrache incarnations.
Dragon queen Alexstrasza fears Gridiron one of the most.
It is the most powerful version and bears the nickname The Stone Scaliest.
Alexstrasza explains Gridiron as a malicious beast that had allied itself with dark powers a long time back.
His label and shape show Gridiron’s connection to the earth.
He is amongst the hot prospects for the role of the main flooring in Patch 10.1.
Although we understand so little about Gridiron, there seem to be particular parallels in between its history and Neltharion’s story.
Both are connected to the aspect of the earth and both fell victim to dark powers.
We think that both were when competitors.
And there is still the story of the Rather, which is still not complete.
The prohibited island therefore harbors many exciting puzzles that our heroes will continue to employ in Dragon Flight.
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