How a Tweet Changed My Mind: How I Learned to Love Tunic Despite Hating It Before Xbox Game Pass

I wasn’t vibrating with Tunic.
I’m really too kind to the game.
Furthermore, I was simply not enjoying it, at all.
Furthermore, I had seen the praise, heard Got’s chat, even our own DOM, and yet I was, playing buttons on my Steam Deck wondering how hell people loved such an irritating, obtuse game and wasting time.
Furthermore, I decided that Tunic, nothing less than a favorite of Xbox Game Pass, was not for me.
Here is why Tunic was the favorite game of 2022.
The tunic looks beautiful.
Since it was revealed for the first time, I was on my radar as a game that I would have to play at launch.
Like a retro Zelda (but made today), his artistic style oozes child fantasy, but is not childish.

The soundtrack also seemed incredible, and the little of the game I saw in the trailers suggested that there was a great mystery to unravel.
Chico, was excited to play tunic.
But then I did it.
This little fox will undertake a great adventure.
Honestly, I don’t think I have bounced so strong in a game in my whole life.
The feeling of disappointment reached levels that are normally reserved for when I realize that a game that I liked is actually another survival simulator.
Oh, I have to cut wood, right?
Do you have to make a bandage with algae and the dental thread found in the luggage of the dead plane passengers scattered across the beach?
I’m out!
But why did I bounce so strong?
Actually, it is simple: I found all the experience of playing Tunic as an absolute task.
There are several parts of this that I will explain briefly below:
What the hell is supposed to do?
Maybe I am extremely silly, but I have managed to navigate through all the other games that I have played in the more than 30 years that I have been playing video games.
So why is Tunic’s world designed as if each path had been hidden by someone determined to ruin the day?
The map is exasperating: yes, it is lovely and cheesy to have an instruction brochure that is built as you play, its secrets are revealed, etc., but only show me a map that connects all the areas of the world, please!
Why are these enemies so fucking annoying and the poor combat?
Why create such a beautiful world that asks to be explored (and carefully studied, really) if you have a fight that absorbs all the fun of the room?
Then he dies and finds your things of ghost corpses simply do not fly with me.
Despite cannot be discussed with that aesthetic of toy cash.
That is all, in reality, but it is how these elements merge into a stinky toxic drool bulge that makes all the experience irritating.
I was playing Tunic and I wondered if the game wanted me to have fun.
To be clear, it was definitely not.
As I usually did, I turned to Twitter for moaning and waiting for others to share my misery.
Some people did.
I tried the game a few more times after this, I did not get anywhere, and once again I saw my bad thoughts about what they told me again and again that it was a lovely game.
I felt bad, but I needed to know that I wasn’t alone.
And then someone gave me the answer.
Within accessibility options there is a way without failures.
This, for any of the past, like me, is God’s way with another name.
You can’t die.


With a hidden option activated, Tunic suddenly opened, such as the defense of Leeds United in a crucial party of the Premier League.
What is this door?
How do I open it?
Will I ever know?
What a difference can be able to wander the world without fear in this game.
In truth, I needed small advice from an old colleague, but from there I was good.
I was going around the world, looking in every corner and crack, squeezing myself out of sight, venturing me in each dark cave entrance.
I started putting together the instruction brochure, to unravel some secrets, and I did it without hitting my head repeatedly against an unfair fight with a boss or falling at the foot of a forgotten enemy.
Furthermore, I acquired multiple new skills, experienced with collected objects, found hidden elements and soaked until the last piece of the world.
Do not get melting, I still think that Tunic has some important problems (the map occupies a prominent place in my terrible design options), but how this game went from this is the most overvalued tedium with which I have met
Damn it, I am very sad that all this is over, is really quite noticeable.
If you renounced Tunic for any of the above reasons, prove the way without failures.
I did it, and now I can say that I dedicated more than 25 hours to one of the best games in Game Pass (also on PC, Switch, PS Platforms).

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