Hatano Yui, Momonogi Kana, and Ogura Yuna Restore the Magic of Yushin with a Dragon!

‘Restoration with a dragon!
The actors of Latino Yew, Homology Kana, and Our Yuan, who were informed, delivered their own stories about the game and a special message for fans.

Sega unveiled an interview with three actors who played as a play as a play as a dragon on the 8th!
Like the dragon, the series has been showing a different fun that various actors have appeared in their works.
Latino Yew and Homology Kana, who were selected as the ambassador, appeared in the play 2, like each dragon, and both actors participated in three remasters as dragons.
This work has appeared in a total of three dragons.
Our Yuan also appears directly in the game through this work.

Restoration like a dragon!
The play is an abduction title in which characters of various series divide into the character’s character against the end of the shogunate.
It is also a strong work with various characters gathered together.
Latino Yew and Homology Kana also referred to these various characters and the past romance of the drama.
Our Yuan chose a clear and real graphic as if watching a movie.
This work adopts Unreal Engine for the first time in the series, showing more realistic graphics.

Latino Yew chose Kirk’s Nakamoto Roma.
Roma’s character, and already have been encountered with Kirk through several works, he has a love for him.


Homology Kana chose Akita’s Akita Cause in Shinsengumi, played by Maxima.
Our Yuan chose Han Fungi.
Han Joni’s character is Yamazaki, but Our Yuan showed her affection for Han Joni, saying that she likes all of her appearance and bad guy.

Like the dragon released in 2014, Austin!
As a result, you can meet a number of familiar characters in the recent works.

Meanwhile, the three Ambassadors who appeared on this day will appear in the Karaoke new song and pure samurai in the game.
This creates an atmosphere that seems to be directly dealing with the player, not Kirk.
In addition, Sega will hold a user invitation event on the 10th.
Ambassador Our Yuan is participating, and Hirobumi Nakamoto will directly solve the fans’ questions.

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