A Real Life Kame House: How Dragon Ball Could Look If Realized With AI

Dragon Ball is a franchise that consists of iconic sites, this goes from the Capsule Corporation, the planet of Panorama, the temple of Kamikaze himself, the house of Roku and to the place where Bills live, the God of destruction.
However, there is a location that no fanatic lets go unnoticed and that is the well-known Game House.

As many know, this is one of the first recurring locations in Dragon Ball, that small island on which the teacher Joshi is housed, and where Krill in and Roku were trained.
For its part, the house in the middle of the sea was also the scene for the presentation of Ra ditz, the villain who opened for the first arch of Z.
This takes us to the user DBZ_over, who shared how the tropical paradise in real life would look, with the same pink house, its red roof, as well as the name of the site on the front.
There is also the interior part, which looks like the room where Master Joshi sees the news, as well as the bedroom where Roku recovers in the Android saga.


In news related to Dragon Ball, it has recently been theorized that the ultra instinct would already have its successor in the form of a well-known character, who in current arches has been put in the background.
If you want to know more about it, we invite you to click on the following link.
Via: Instagram
Editor’s note: It would definitely be fun to live in this type of places, but what I still do not understand is the part of how television works without such an electricity, unless the good rose has bought a generator or something.

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