8 billion euros) for the last quarter, which is a drop of 3% compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

Last night, NCS OFT provided its accounts of the fourth quarter of 2022: if the Korean giant recorded positive results on the 2022, NCS OFT implicates losses on the 4th quarter-due to results at half-mast on mobile platforms.

A 4th trimester in deficit

In encrypted terms, NCS OFT concluded its year 2022 with a sanitary figure 2571 billion won (1.9 billion euros), up 11% compared to 2021;
For a favorable net earning of 452 billion won (334.9 million euros) up 14% in one year.
The last quarter of a savvy nonetheless less wonderful considering that NCS OFT: a sanitary figure of 405 million euros (down 28% compared to the exact same duration a year previously), for a deficit of 12.2 million.
The South Korean group suggests initiating decrease procedures, especially in terms of marketing spending-and we bear in mind that the American subsidiary of NCS OFT, NC West, has actually simply made a wave of layoffs.
The quarterly outcomes sex a lot by a boost in wage expenses (+23% in the quarter, in specific to fund employee bonuses) and by a drop in efficiency of the group’s mobile branch: it records 281.9 million euros of
Mandatory figure, a decline of 36% compared to the same 4th quarter in 2021-due in particular to a routine reduction in the results of family tree W. Over the very same duration, the group’s historical PC games tape-recorded a sanitary figure of 77 million EUROS, but marking an increase of 16.5% on Lannée-always brought by the PC variation of the first lineage.
At the rank of fulfillment, NCS OFT likewise highlights the routine growth of Guild Wars 2 results in current years (growth of +29% in between 2021 and 2022 in specific by the release of completion of Dragons) and the group expects growth
which need to continue in 2023 thanks to the timeploitation of the game in China: according to Soft, since the closure of the Chinese servers of World of Warcraft, the variety of active players and the Affairs of Guild Wars 2 have actually increased significantly in China.

In the future: Throne and Liberty and 4 modest mobile video games

As for Lavender, Soft certainly counts on the launch of Throne and Liberty in South Korea.
The SY group is preparing with a final test for South Korean gamers and still offers an industrial outing throughout the first half of this year.
At the exact same time, the group likewise intends to even more diversify its activities by producing more modest mobile video games.

4 titles remain in preparation: the Project R, a scrum-like play with the look of a Fight Royale;
Task BBS, a hero collector RPG;
Job G on which the studio does not yet communicate;
Puzzle, a periodic game announced a couple of days back.


These games are meant to feed the group’s brochure at a lower cost.

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