Start Your Vertical Adventure in Death Gard – EFUN Company Limited Launches Second-Generation One-Handed Action MMORPG!

FUN Company Limited announced on the 8th that it will officially launch its second-generation one-handed action MMORPG Deathbed.

Deathbed, which was released today, is a mobile game where you can enjoy the strongest squad and enjoy exciting hack and slash with adventure.
Based on the vertical MMORPG system, we can simply enjoy the essence of the nucleus and slash with one hand.
Of course, it also provides horizontal screen transition mode so that you can be more deeply immersed in the game.

In the game, the myths of the world and the legendary characters appear as a hero, and they combine up to three people according to the tanker, dealer, and supporter’s role, and to cooperate with six heroes who assist them to complete their own strongest squad.
This allows you to enjoy a variety of contents, such as hunting for hunting, a huge battlefield guild, and another challenge, Boss Raid, and the fun of growth using a variety of rewards.

To commemorate the launch, Death Gar organized an event.
In addition to the deck recommendation office of fate that users recommend the deck they think they are the best, the Wig Rail Guardians will be held in the game, and several events will be held.


An official of Fun Company said, We have officially launched the second-generation one-handed action MMORPG Deathbed. We must receive the gifts prepared with the official launch, and have a good time in the Death Hard where the fun of rapid growth and the fun of the exciting hack and slash action coexist.

I hope.

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