Unforgivable Spells and Black Mage Combat: A Guide to Hogwarts Legacys Hidden Arena

Several arenas wait for the player in the last title motivated by Universe Harry Potter.
However, Moon Denture They assist fertilize the unforgivable spells in Hogwarts Legacy, a black mage battle lane.
But the latter is not accessible by everybody, concealing behind the Deluxe Digital Edition Magic Load.
A small DLC which consists of the several frame, this popular arena and a cosmetic whole.

Where to find a black mage battle lane?

This arena is not available from the start of the game because it asks to penetrate the heart of the forbidden forest.
It is precisely south of the latter that Lorene discovers himself, with fighters without faith or law.
Its particularity is not to have a guideline, allowing sorcerers to Duse unforgivable spells.
Within it, death spells, Imperium and Dolores are allowed.


Unlike the other arenas present at stake, it is linked to any success or prize.

It is therefore not necessary to take part in the clashes which SY unfolds to finish the game.

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