Excel Eliminated From The LEC Winter Split: Odoamne And Excel Aim For Redemption In Spring

It’s a hard environment, commented Excels to planer Done during a post-match interview on the LEC broadcast. The 2022 Summer Split champion opened up on the struggles of playing in the LEC, specifying that it was hard to perform. Rather of making excuses, Done stated that he constantly made it back, and It’s now time for him and Excel to think and grow about the next Split.

It was less than one year ago that the organization reached the playoffs of the LEC competitors for the very first time ever. Beginning 2023 with a brand-new promising lineup, numerous fans expected Excel to duplicate the feat without trouble, but it was not the case. Excel struggled throughout the Winter Divides regular season, reaching the last weekend with only one win, their fate no longer in their own hands.


Excel lost to SK Gaming today and ended up being the first string to be removed from the 2023 LEC Winter Split. After entering the second-to-last day of the routine season with just the hope of reaching a tiebreak scenario, Excel had to beat all their opponents to prevent elimination– but SK Gaming was not going to decrease quickly.

Seeing Asks scaling composition, Excel had to acquire control of the Rift from the start of the game, and they did be successful in doing so up till the first Baron fight. With one fight SK turned the tables of the match and sped up Excels exit from the competitors.

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