The Indie Game Awards At The Taipei Game Show: Celebrating Unique Team-Influenced Turtle Cream Playmep

The TCA, which hosts the Taipei Game Show, has been conducting the ‘Indie Game Awards’, which selects the best indie games in each field on the first day of the Taipei Game Show every year.
This year, 170 games were exhibited in 35 countries and regions, and 28 games in 15 countries were selected.
In Korea, four companies were nominated, while Park Undying’s turtle cream won the best innovation award for ‘RP7’.
Turtle Cream is a studio that developed various experiments in addition to the new ‘RP7’, which showed the unique design of slot machine and logic.

And on February 2, I was able to meet another studio that was impressed by the different experiment at the Taipei Game Show.
The main character was play mephimystowalt, sponsored by NC soft and participated in the ‘Startup with NC K-Games Joint Hall’ operated by the Korea Game Industry Association.
It was because Park Undying was the role model of the team that began when Hong Mi-nae made a business application in 2017, saying, I can’t start as a game developer.

I had a mind to start developing the game, but I applied for a business in November 2017 because I thought it would not be.
I started with it, and then I met good people and could see a bigger future.

In particular, Park Undying’s influence was great.
I met at school in the past, and I was interested in game development, so I recommend a meeting like Iconic Café.
It’s not just the game I knew.
I realized that the world has a lot of amazing games.
And when the work under development was selected as the Tokyo Game Show Indie Hall, CEO Park Undying was also selected together, and I was surprised at that time.
The ‘RP7’ that came out this time did not show the amazing idea of combining slot machine and loglike.
I often think that I should make something that is so amazing.

Player Stewart, which has been making various experiments, has stamped indie gamers in earnest with ‘Door: Inner Change’, which was released on Steam in 2020.
Inspired by the philosophical phrase that the handle that opens the door of the heart is inside, the door is a work that depicts the journey that comforts the wounded self.
It is characterized by a unique style that reminds us of art works by traveling to the world of heart that collapses and shakes with various failures and hardships.

Since then, Hong Miriam, who has been developing several games, has brought three works at the Taipei Game Show.
One of them was a game that took out the mobile game that I had made for two years, and the other two works were to save the unique spirit of experimental.


It’s a work named ‘Us opp’, but it’s a mob and a tower defense. You’ll have three actions every wave in the game.
It’s a game that blocks waves and air strikes.

Another work ‘Slayer’ made what kind of game did Nintendo made a soulike or action?
It was a project that came from imagination.
I dare to say Nintendo over the topic, but I was most impressed by the fact that Nintendo’s game could easily approach the game without any information.
That’s probably a unique area that no game company is hard to follow.
That’s why Nintendo came to mind as I think of such a game type.

In short, it is a story about exploring a tower dungeon consisting of a tile-style map in a classic Quarter view to save the world.
Rogue Action RPG is a common pattern recently, so I think most of them will understand that way.
However, as the latest action game, it is not a composition that avoids quickness and control, but rather a classic game, so it is a bit difficult to master the style.

Although he shared his thoughts and experiences with users and developers with various game shows with his previous work ‘Door: Inner Call’, the situation changed rapidly as Corona 19 came.
It was invited to the Taipei Game Show and Game Connection America, and the contract with overseas publishers was in progress, but both corona pandemics were defeated.
So he devoted himself to ‘Door: Inner Change’ and explained that he realized the absence of feedback on unique ideas while touching several prototypes.
He also emphasized the importance of inspiration and his vision.

I didn’t think that when I was in the game. In fact, I had that thought before I was in the indie game. I was surprised by the seriousness, passion and ideas when I met with the Tokyo Game Show and several indie developers.
, I don’t know anything, but I felt that I could continue such a wonderful world with the medium of game.

The game should not be so inspiration and unique or not.
However, it was amazing to experience the various feedback from the idea and the extended accidents.
I will be reborn as a game developer who can shine while conveying that unique.

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