Regionalliga West: No Big Surprises As Quartet Wins On Matchday 21

Saturday afternoon in the Regionally West scored many objectives.
The ball struck an overall of 31 times.
Fortuna Cologne celebrated the greatest victory.
A 6: 0 about the SG Wattenscheid.

Tlaloc introduces Playback success

The U 23 from Borussia Mönchengladbach was a guest at Fortuna Düsseldorf II, commemorated a 3-1 win, which was ultimately safe.
Tlaloc at first provided the visitors from the point in the 23rd minute, which Noémie for Düsseldorf was able to adjust 10 minutes later on.
Playback rapidly put the equalization away and took the lead for the 2nd time shortly prior to the break.
Even after the break, the Bundesliga reserve was the better team.
Kickoff decided and the last rating with the 3-1 in the 74th minute.

Bolt can not stop Hartmann and Ruler

Wuppertal SV celebrated an effective start to the new year on Saturday afternoon against 1. FC Bolt.
The climber, who had to exchange his coach once again on Friday, got no foot into the door in the arena at the zoo.
After 24 minutes, Ruler opened the Wuppertal goal series after a good preparatory work by Hank.
Till the break, Hartmann increased to 3: 0 by penalty (35th) and dust (45th).
After the break, Bolt remarkably shortened by newcomer Wild, who had a heart from a range (58th).
The WSV instantly hit Ruler, who with confidence transformed a 2nd penalty (64th).
The attacker later on likewise triggered the final score of nine pointers turns when a mix worth seeing pushed into the mesh.

Duran still wins without Gods and Clemens

  1. FC Duran did not make it through the role of favorites on Saturday.
    Versus the cutting lamp SV Straiten, the climber protected crucial points in the relegation fight and was able to increase the distance to the risk zone to 6 points.
    Even without the 2 Bundesliga-experienced winter season newcomers Kevin Golden and Christian Clemens in the team, the other two entryways Ana’s Baht and David Wine do not yet appear in the line-up of the old faces.
    They did their task versus committed however mostly safe visitors.
    Wipperfürth cleaned off for the house team in the 28th minute after a corner on the second post for the home team.
    10 minutes after the restart, Gamer left a cross-woken cross as well from the edge of the penalty area to the initial decision into the corner.
    It stayed 2-0 for Duran since Straiten did not come in front of the home side’s goal later on.

Fortuna Perfume shoots drowsy Wattenscheid

There was a bitter 0: 6 rubbing on Saturday afternoon for SG Wattenscheid 09 near Fortuna Perfume.
The Ronstadt homeowners took 22 minutes to lead.
Stanilewicz fought a mishap from Wattenscheid’s keeper Start, shook a challenger and positioned the ball in the right corner.
In the 2-0 through Kitsch, another ball and a cross pass sufficed to safeguard guest defense (34th).
The result just ended up being clear in the final stage, after Scouring in the charge area only helped with an emergency situation brake knew red, penalty, 3-0 by Marque (70th).
Just two minutes after a nice combination through the left attack page, Willis made 4: 0.
A rapidly executed totally free kick also offered Scholz an entry in the objective scorer list (86th) prior to Kitsch supplied the final score with his second objective (86. ).
The Fortuna pushes in 8th place for Wattenscheid, which acted too sleepy on the defensive, it needs to be challenging in this constitution to understand relegation on the defensive.

Cologne II in Oberhausen without an opportunity

The very same applies to 1. FC Perfume II, which is likewise located below the line.
About the group of Mark Zimmermann, who has to vacate his coaching position with Effie offspring after the season, was currently read at halftime at Roadway Oberhausen.
At this moment it was already 3: 0 for the clover leaves, which ball game was in some cases made easy.
Colombo scored in the second minute after a brief corner.
March was not energetic enough at 2-0 in the 18th minute in the penalty area.
And with the third goal by Heinz, who moved and closed from left into the penalty area, it went too rapidly for the Cologne back team (38th).
Heinz laced his double pack (66th) after break.
Rex ha was likewise permitted once again, who in the 89th minute provided a good lifter for the 5-0 last score.

Rödinghausen should continue to wait

The misery of SV Rödinghausen continues in the new year.
At Schalke, the Rump team had no possibility at 1: 4 and has been waiting on a threesome given that October.
Close initiated the Schalke success early when he pressed a slatted beam for lead over the line in the 4th minute.
Rödinghausen acted without ideas, partly defensive.
The finest example was 2-0 in the 19th minute.
Dadashov grabbed a wild cross go through the sixteen and after that had no trouble in front of Tinges.
Soon afterwards, hip triggered an unneeded charge that Dadashov used for a double pack (23rd).
Close, which was correct again after a corner (32nd), provided the 4-0 break.
After the break, the hosts took it simple without giving the game out of hand.
Meyer scored the honor goal soon before the end (85th).

Kaan-Marienborn beats Lipstadt outnumbered

The 1. FC Kaan-Marienborn celebrated a deserved 3-0 win over SV Lipstadt in spite of almost one-hour outnumber.
In the 31st minute, captain Julian Schubert had to go from the field with the hosts, which eventually did not give the visitors an advantage.
The Kane stood well defensively and strike twice within a few seconds after the break.
Petrovich initially pressed a corner ball from 5 meters easily over the line (56. ).

Three minutes later on, Sprekelmeyer amazed his keeper with a mistakenly crashed header.
Soon prior to completion, Lipstadt came even thicker.
Drum and Hammer put the entire back team on the grain.
The latter concluded ice-cold to the final score (85th).


big backdrop in Münster

The match day will be completed on Sunday.
The video game in between leader Prussia Münster and Alemannic Aachen (3rd) is not only peppered by custom, but likewise offers tabular description.
Win the Alemannic The 2nd leg was very first leg went 4-2 to Aachen – Ware Münster just 5 points away.
Naturally, a stately home mortgage and more in a game that would be done, however the SC Prussia would at least discreetly feel the tip of searching impulse from the royal city.
Before that, coach Hedge OHL cautions that an efficiency will not be sufficient as in the 1-0 last Friday against Düsseldorf II: We understand that we have to increase versus Münster again due to the fact that we have to drill an entirely different board.
No matter how the video game goes out, the external structure will be worthwhile of that of a top game.
Over 9000 tickets were already offered on Wednesday, both groups can probably anticipate a five-digit background.

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