How To Get Lisas Skin For Free In Genshin Impact: A Step-By-Step Guide

Among the news of Genshin Impact’s version 3.4 are the new skins of Ayala and Lisa.
While Cry’s can only be paid, Lisa’s costume is free on RPG.
To ensure Electron’s new look just complete some missions at a specific game event.

How to gain access to Lisa clothes in Genshin Impact?

There are two ways to get the costume: buy for 1680 crystals from version 3.5 or participate in the 3.4 version, called Rose Renewal.
The banner will be available from January 31 to Feuary 13, 2023, players will be able to acquire the clothing Identity under the shadow free after meeting certain requirements.
The prerequisites are quite simple, just complete the event, instead of collecting items, as previously happened in the game.
The first will be to complete the five challenges and the second asks the player to reach 10,000 points during the event.


For this, it is possible to make them easily in just one or two challenges.
Remember that you will need to wait until all levels are available to rescue the skin.

Because of this, it is not possible to get lisa clothes on the first day of the event.
It is not mandatory to make challenges in a certain difficulty, for example, they can be completed in easy or normal.

How to access the event The Renewal of Roses?

To embark on the challenges that are offered in Rose Renewal, you must have a certain experience in RPG.
The player must reach the level of adventure 20 or more, complete the mission entitled Mastery of Buried Roots, the mission of the arc once Song of the Dragon and Freedom and the mission of the story that is linked to Lisa.
In this mission, the player finds Lisa who is in the Academy of Summer, with an outfit inspired by the region.
The various objectives of this mission are not difficult.
In addition, the player can teleport directly to the place where the challenges will occur.

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