Fortnite Welcomes Junji Itos Horrifying Anime Series To Its Battle Royale Game


Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academic community have been the current two anime franchises to strike the fight royale fan-favorite Fortnite, and in an odd twist of events, another anime series has actually shown up on the computer game, albeit a lot more scary one than its predecessors. June Ito’s Maniac is an anthology adjustment from the Managua master of scary, and numerous horrific elements and characters from the recently released series have actually arrived at a particular map in Fortnite Are you prepared to enter an anime haunted house?

While you will not see Hanging Balloons or Headless Statues carving their way through the main Fortnite game, a special island has actually been created by Neighbor Metaverse Studios, with 5 tailored maps assembling some of the biggest animals from Maniac. With the anime anthology series housing twenty various scary narratives, the map developers definitely had more than a couple of alternatives when it concerned bringing the scary of June Ito to the world of computer game. While there hasn’t been a main June Ito video game launched in the past, the Managua has actually had some major brushes with the gaming industry.

June Ito’s Fortnite.

Next-door neighbor Metaverse Studios launched a new trailer providing you a concept of the frightening crossover that will allow gamers to see a few of Ito’s creepiest developments hit the world of Fortnite to help in spreading the news on the master of scary’s the most current anime series on Netflix, Maniac:

If you want to visit this scary anime haunted home, you can do so by inputting the following map code into Fortnite’s Menu:


As mentioned formerly, Ito did come close to making a major title in the video game world as he had previously partnered with Video Kolyma and Guillermo Del Too on the now-defunct follow up, Silent Hills.

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While June Ito’s Maniac is the latest offering from the artist, Tsunami is continuing to deal with the long-awaited adjustment of Suzuki, one of Ito’s most popular stories that focus on a mountain town that falls under a distinct curse. The Adult Swim series has been postponed in the past thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, and while not confirmed to arrive in 2023, many fans are crossing their fingers that the series may get here in the nick of time for 2023’s scary season.

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