Unlocking The Secrets Of Dragon Ball Adventure Island In Fortnite: A Step By Step Guide

The new Cruzado Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super has brought a new creative island.
This island will be very familiar with fans of the series and will allow them to explore iconic areas such as Capsule Corp. This is what you need to know how to access Dragon Ball Adventure Island in Fortnite.

Dragon Ball Adventure Island Discovery Page

If you want to look for the new Dragon Ball Adventure Island yourself, all you need to do is open the game mode selection menu with the button shown on the right side of the screen (Square for PlayStation, X for Xbox and Switch
This will lead him directly to the Discover tab full of all other creative maps.
As the update arrived recently, it is possible that the creative map of Dragon Ball does not appear at the beginning.


You are likely to find it among By Epic’s maps and among the things of The Kid Large considering that it has related challenges and cosmetics.

Dragon Ball Adventure Island Code

If you can’t make it appear on the main modes page, your next better (and easier) option is to enter the island code.
From the Discover page, tabular to the end to the right.
There should only be a text box on this screen and your keyboard will appear (if you are on a mobile device or on a console).
You just have to write the Code 5642-8525-5429, which will lead you directly to the Dragon Ball Adventure Island game.
Once you have started it, you can easily find it through the recently reproduced section on the Discover page.

This is all to know how to access Dragon Ball Adventure Island in Fortnite.
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