Union Berlin Sets Up Quarter-Final Showdown In DFB Cup After Hard-Fought Win Over Wolfsburg


Union coach Urs Fischer made 4 modifications compared to the 2-0 derby success at Bertha BSC.
Rather of Trimmed, Bouillon and Bearers (all bank) along with Schaefer (struck), newcomer Jurassic (debut for Union), Gießelmann, Seguin and Jordan started.
Compared to the 1-2 defeat in Bremen, Wolfsburg’s coach Nike Kovacs even rotated into 5 positions: Ca steels (cold), Barnaul, Kaminski (not in the team), Swimmer and Wind (both bank) played Per van, Delacroix, Guilavogui, Mar mush and

Knocked counters Goldschmidt early

The game started turbulent.

Currently, in the 5th minute, the Lower Saxony entered into the leadership-after a cross, handed out the offside, Gerhard used Goldschmidt at the right minute and performed the latter.
Still in the initial phase, Union quickly discovered the right response after a short corner.
Knocked utilized the excellent flank from Jurassic on the 2nd post from a short range to 1: 1 (12).
The iron stayed unsafe, specifically with high balls and came close to the 2nd goal in a header from Jordan (27th).
The video game flattened a little until half-time, so that it entered into the break with the draw in accordance with performance.

Joker Bearers decides

After the break, Union took over more effort, but possibilities remained in short supply for a long time.
The house side had more ratings, however Baku forced Connor to a parade with a tight shot from a severe angle.
There were currently 68 minutes.
The still should have winning goal for overall more dedicated Köpenick managed Joker Bearers, who scored the 2-1 (79th) after a successful relocation over Hegira and Becker.
In the last stage, Gießelmann got the traffic light card after a nasty at the opposing penalty location, however Union saved the narrow lead in time.
In the end, the substitute ex-Wolfsburg Bouillon even awarded the 3: 1 (90. +5).
The iron satisfies on Saturday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. on Mainz 5. The duel with the record champs from Munich (5.30 p.m.) is waiting on Wolfsburg on Sunday.
The draw for the quarter-finals in the DFB Cup will only take place on February 19.

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