The Ultimate Guide To Building A Safe Base In Dayz: Survive The Zombie Apocalypse And More

Survival in this day can be a relatively uphill struggle.
From dealing with other gamers to zombies to the fight against the forces of nature, it can be pretty simple to die a number of times within an hour or 2 after playing on a server.
Something that can assist you live a little longer and upgrading yourself after death is a basis to keep all of your things.
Let’s look at how to build a base in Day

How to construct a base in Day.

Building a basis will assist you make it through a little longer, however it is not an easy task.
Normally you will discover larger groups of gamers who construct bases in the middle of the forests outside the cities to help keep all the prey they find in the city.
As a solo player, you can develop a base with a little work.
As a solo you will wish to take control of a prefabricated structure in a city or outdoors and just break down the doors and windows to make it your own.
You require a great deal of wood boards, some metal wire, a hammer, nails, pliers and a number lock.

Depending on which server you use, it needs to be simple to get these materials.
As quickly as you have all the materials, you must walk around your building and place walls over the windows with hammer and nails.
You can change them with goals if you desire to open the windows to see them through them, but walls work when they start.
After covering the windows, you would like to put a fence wall over the door once again.
Then take the metal wire, pliers and the mix lock to turn it into a gate with a lock.
If you do not have a number lock, you can still develop a goal, however every player can open it and get it in.
Now all you have to do is position all usable memory and spawn points that you wish to have someplace in the base.
Depending on which server you use, the things you can place vary.
Some storage items can likewise be closed with a mix lock to protect them from raids.
If you can not place storage spaces, you can likewise throw things on the ground.


Don’t be shocked if the item disappears at some point.
You ought to rapidly check your base to ensure that all entryways are closed and nobody can sneak in if you have actually done all of this.
Now all you need to do is fret about protecting them in front of other players and zombies.
You can get some night vision glasses that make seeing much simpler during a night defense.
Day is now available for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS5 and PC.
– This post was updated on January 31, 2023

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