Can You Play The Sims 5 Across Different Platforms? Heres What We Know.

The Sims franchise began on PC until it eventually expanded its universe to multiple platforms.
However, despite this, the series has never integrated a cross-game mechanic that allows players to continue their history in other systems.
However, a new update could change this aspect of the game with the next installment, and we explain it to you if the Sims 5 has a cross game or not.

Explanation of the Sims 5 cross game

According to the ads of the Behind the Sims summit, the Sims 5, also known as Project Rene, has cross compatibility.
The Simmers can play the game on their PC and mobile devices, in which they can customize their characters on the march and in the comfort of their home.
During live broadcast, Grant Bodies, Project Rene game director, explained how the Sims 5 presents different mechanics for PC and mobile devices.
For example, PC users will have a deeper system such as previous games, including customization of the RGB value in furniture.
Then, when you use the mobile, you can perform simple interactions, such as making a SIM or placing a design that you have previously done on your computer.
Therefore, if a player creates an element or character, he can detail it more once he enters the PC version.
Currently, there is not much information about other platforms, but Maxis Studios at least has confirmed Project Rene for mobile devices and PC.

That is enough for our guide on the mechanics of the cross game of the Sims 5. To get more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on the multiplayer game mode of Project Rene.


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