The Last Of Us: Episode 3 Is An Instant Hit With Fans – Heres Why

The other day, the third episode of the well known series The Last of Us commemorated its premiere at HBO Max, and has also been seen in Germany since the night of Monday.
The question for that reason arises whether the series continues to ride on a large wave of euphoria or the very first indications of tiredness.
The first reviews from the ranks of the fans supply a preliminary response to the concern.

does the hype go on around The Last of Us?

Episode 3 of The Last of the United States entitled Long period of time commemorated her best yesterday and was significantly longer with a regard to 80 minutes than the previous episode with just 55 minutes.


However apparently it has not end up being too uninteresting, obviously a minimum of the very first reviews at the Internet Film Database show that.
There, the 3rd episode presently concerns an average ranking of 9.4 points.
Considering that more than 11,000 votes have currently been sent, this evaluation is rather as representative as it is meaningful.
For contrast: the pilot series came to 9.2 points, episode 2 to 9.3 points.
A minimum of in the viewpoint of the fans, the series can continue to keep the high level.

Appropriately, we advise our spoiler-free criticism of Episode 3 of The Last of Us.
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This continues with The Last of Us

Far there have been three of a total of 9 episodes, the next will follow next Sunday or in the next Monday.
The grand finale of the first season is for the 12.
March 2023 prepared.
To the excellent happiness of the fans, nevertheless, it is not yet over: Due to the fantastic success, HBO Max has actually already offered the green light for season 2.
For the story, the showrunner even have some strategies in the hindquarters, so you can anticipate more exciting adventures by Joel and Ellie.
Source: IMDB
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