Fortnite Winterfest Event Is Almost Here: What You Need To Know

Fortnite’s Winter fest event is returning, offering players the opportunity to win a lot of different holiday cosmetics to celebrate the Christmas season.
In 2022, there are 14 different gifts that can be opened in the Crack shot cabin.
In this guide, we will explain how to open these gifts, and do not worry, we will not tell Santa that you opened them early!

How to get Fortnite Winter fest rewards

The good news is that the process is incredibly simple, as in previous years.
From the Lobby screen, select the snowflake icon tab pressing RB in Xbox, R1 in PlayStation, R on switch or simply click on PC.
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Then, select the sign to visit the shelter and take it inside.
You can now select any of the gifts on the floor and press A/X/B/LMB to select it.
Now you must hold x, square, and, and to open the gift when indicated on the screen.

Why is the open gift option available?

If you cannot open a gift, it could be due to the fact that it is not yet the time.
If you are trying to open one before 9 a.
ET on Tuesday, December 13, then it’s just too anxious!
Just sit calm until 9 a.


ET and you can open any gift that your heart wants.
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But what if you can’t open one?
Then 9 am ET on December 13?
So you are likely to try to open more than one gift inside the 24-hour window.
In other words, you can only open a gift every day, so watch the clock in the upper left corner of the crack shot cabin screen and wait for midnight to mark… or present at point as we are.
Now calling it here!
That is all you need to know how to open gifts at Fortnite Winter fest 2022. Are you looking for more information about the always popular Battle Royale game?
We have it covered with all the Winter fest 2022 rewards, all the masks filtered in the Fortnite 23.10 update and all the details about the $1 million MrBeast event.
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