How to Get Stars In My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters are a fun and easy game about the breeding and feeding of the monsters that you collect to make your own monsters’ orchestra.
Each new monster adds his song to the team.

Fulfill the goals to get coins and diamonds, and then buy buildings, costumes, jewelry and much more to improve the quality and variety of your monsters.
The green stars that you earn are equated with experience.
But what you are really looking for is blue stars called star.
They allow you to buy unique items and rare monsters on Star shop.
Here we will talk about how to get stars at My Singing Monsters.

How to get stellar forces at My Singing Monster

The easiest and most common way to get blue stars in My Singing Monsters is to join the tribe.
As soon as you reach the sixth level, you will gain access to the tribal island through the map.


You can join the island of a friend, create your own or join an accidental tribal island.
It is best to join friends, but if you cannot, apply for random tribal islands.
This may take several attempts, but soon you must join one of them.
As soon as you become part of the tribe, you will earn stellar power to increase the level of your breeding monster and also receive stars automatically every week for belonging to the tribe.
There are other ways to get stellar.
Some monsters can produce bonus items.
As soon as the monster is level 15, he has a chance to get bonuses, and one of the items that they can be randomly performed is stars.
You can also get stars in coliseum by filling out problems.
The cost of goods in Star shop varies from one star (rare university) up to thousands of Star power for rare elements.
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