Genshin Impact Shows New Boss In The Desert Region Of Sumeru

I hope it won’t be as uncomfortable as the mechanical worm in the cavern..

In January 2023, update 3.4 pertained to Gen shin.
A leakage now reveals a new manager that will occur in the desert region of Summer.
And the players are not passionate.

This manager is: On the Chinese side of Domain, a user released a short leak video for a new manager in Gen shin.
This boss is said to come into play with Patch 3.4, which is anticipated to appear in mid-January 2023.
The video was published to Reddit a short time later.
Here you can see it:
The one in charge is the Wind-Bitten Sand worm, which, according to Leak, will appear in the desert location of the brand-new area of Summer.
While you can’t see any attacks by the beast in the video, his motion patterns are even more clearly identifiable.
The worm moves under the surface of the desert sand and appears sometimes.


This uses the player a brief time window in which he can do harm before the worm vanishes underground again.
There are these reactions: In the comments under the Reddit video, the interest for the new employer is more restricted.
The worm is reminiscent of numerous players of in charge adhesive had, which is thought about a very frustrating manager fight.
As quickly as the worm vanishes under the surface of the earth, it ends up being insusceptible to any damage.
This leads to frustrating circumstances such as in the leak video, where a total Ult attack by Scaramouche misses because the worm has actually immersed them at the same time.
Individuals will be so pissed off when the [worm] appears in the abyss.
– Earthdayyeti.
[…] I hope it won’t be as unpleasant as the mechanical worm in the cavern..
– Heat_of_the_Desert.
It looks great nervous, however for al-Haytham I will do whatever […].
The worries that in charge might likewise appear in the winding abyss are especially strong.
Time plays a major function in the difficulties there.
It is essential to divide a lot of damage and quickly beat the challengers.
This might end up being a problem with the brand-new worm boss, as it ends up being invulnerable again and once again by diving underground.
Remember that it is a leakage.
It is not ensured that the worm will enter into play in the type, if at all.
This also comes in upgrade 3.4: In contrast to the worm, brand-new characters have actually currently been confirmed for upgrade 3.4 2.
Hoovers provided the Summer character al-Haytham during the Video Game Awards.
In addition, the Pedro 4-star character Taobao, which originates from Life.
The upgrade is anticipated to appear in mid-January.
If Hoovers adheres to the previous release plan, fans estimate that it must be January 16.
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