Valorant: More transmissions and more competitions, LVP LATAM will be in charge of Gamechangers for 2023

After a very exciting year for all the people who participated and who could see the development of the competitions within Game changers it could be noted that the support from Riot Games was not the best during the beginning of the year but at the end of 2022 we could
See the World Cup in Germany where G2 Dozen was crowned as the best team of this first international competition.
In the face of a new year, the company of LVP LATAM announced on its social networks that it would be in charge of carrying the competitions with respect to that league next year, remember that it is in charge of the regional tournaments of League of Legends and Free
Fire giving spectacular results both in visualization and content of each of its internal events.

Best tools for competitive growth

  • New partner to execute the competitions of Game Changers: LAP, a partner that will support the investment and development of the scene with its extensive experience in eSports competitions.
  • New competition format: from tournaments to the league!
    Both the north and the south will have 6 teams to have a more regular, stable and formal competition.


Each league will be transmitted in its entirety, increasing the visibility of Game Changers in our region.
More awards: We increase the booty for almost 300% for the best Latin American game changers, moving from USD 24,000 in 2022 to USD 70,000 in 2023. Greater incentives for a talent potential that continues to grow!
More competitions: For the squads that do not reach the Game Changers leagues, we will have three open tournaments during June, August and September that will allow them to continue training and develop female talent.

Soon we will communicate more information about formats and awards.
No one stays outside growth!
Undoubtedly, all this is a key point for the region because the competitive scene of Game changers is still growing and can show future stars in this area, a fairly positive change with a format very similar to the VCT during the following year, from Open Qualifier to the Game Changers League that will give a lot to talk about the following year.

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