Niantic Reveals 3 New Pokemon, With Special Features – Purquess, Puponcho And Vivillon

In Pokémon GO you can now capture Villon, pure and poncho.
Villon is available in 18 various patterns.
You open it with a brand-new function.
What are these for Pokémon?
Remarkably, Pokémon Go released a new Pokémon family on December 16.
A couple of hours earlier, the team revealed a small teaser.
Now you can get Pummel and its additional developments Pu poncho and Villon in Pokémon Go.
Due to the 18 various patterns, the Pokémon is particularly interesting for collectors.
To open the patterns, you need postcards

Leaving wing pattern for Villon with postcards.

A look at the Pokémon: If you do not yet know the brand-new Pokémon, you can take a very first look at them in the following graphic:
What is special?
With 18 various wing patterns, Villon is readily available in Pokémon GO.
So collectors must open the heart here.
By gathering and pinning your postcards from other trainers, Bakeshops or from arenas that originate from other regions, you open them.
Ni antic describes this:

By spinning postcards from permissible areas, the Villon collector medal is triggered and development is attained in the sub-medals for the origin area of postcards.
If you make progress in the under-medals, you can experience pursues.
Purple from different regions turn into Villon with various patterns!
In the introduction trailer of the new Pokémon you can see how the new mechanics in Pokémon Go work.
In to discuss YouTube, fitness instructors are extremely happy about how Ni antic updated the gift system:

Which Villon patterns exist, and where can you find them?

This is how it works: When you spin a postcard for the very first time, you unlock the Villon collector medal.
You will be shown a short guide in the video game how you can encounter pursues.
You can likewise get under-medals for the Villon collector medal by pin your postcards.
You can pin up both your own and good friends.
These sub-medals are amongst the different regions with Villon patterns, describes Ni antic.
For the first sub-medal, you have to gather three postcards from an area with a Villon pattern.
As quickly as you have actually received a sub-medal, you can make further development to satisfy Pummel more typically as a reward!
The number of postcards that are required to increase the rank of the sub-medal increases with every ranking.
You can pin as much as 3 of your own postcards every day to make development.


You can check your development at the Villon patterns at the Villon collector medal at any time.
You have to understand that: the pursues from different regions turn into Villon that have different wing patterns.
The environment of your environments decides which pattern you accept.
So if you collect postcards from cold areas of the world, you can experience pursues, which then establishes in Villon with a snowfield pattern.
The following 18 patterns have been available in Pokémon GO:
Decorative garden
Sea flower
Snow field
River Delta
You can see where the environments of the different Villon are on the map that we integrate you here.
You can likewise discover the introduction of Villon in the Pokédex.

How do you like the brand-new function that Ni antic bound to the different wing patterns?
Do you like that postcards and presents discover much better usage once again or should the developers have to set up the mechanics differently so that you are pleased?
After months there is lastly a box in the Pokémon Go shop, the gamers celebrate.

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