Ash And Pikachu Will Leave The Pokemon Anime In 2023

End of an era!
This Friday, Pokémon Company announced that Ash Ketchup and Pikachu will leave Pokémon’s anime in 2023. After Ash finally realized the dream of becoming the best Pokémon coach in the world, by winning the worldwide coronation championship, the coach will have one
Farewell season of 11 episodes in 2023.
In the video published by Pokémon Company, it is suggested that the farewell season will be marked by Ash’s reunion with longtime friends such as Misty and ock.
Before sacrificing world champion.
Ash won the Lola region league, a championship that accredited him for the world coronation championship.
Protagonists of the series since 1997, Ash and Pikachu will leave the scene after almost 26 years.
In addition to these two titles, Ash was runner-up of the Kilos Regional League, semifinalist of the Singh League, top in Horn, Photo, and Nova and Top 16 in the Kant League.
The coach was still champion of Kant’s border battle, a championship he played after the Horn League, and the Kant Orange League.


After this farewell to Ash and Pikachu, Pokemon Company has already announced that the anime will continue with 2 new protagonists: a girl and a boy.
Young coaches appear in an image next to the initial Pokémon of the Pale region: Sprigatito, Fresco and Equally.

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