Game Culture Family Camp, as a tool for family harmony

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Creative Content Agency, and the Game Culture Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) announced that they will complete the 2022 game culture family camp (hereinafter referred to as Family Camp) after the Champions League held at the Susan Esports Stadium on December 16.


The Game Culture Family Camp is a one-day and two-day camp program that is composed of the whole family to communicate with the game and improve the awareness of the game.

This year, this year, this year, it was filled with a variety of programs to share the game culture.
Game culture quiz competitions where the whole family work together to solve and solve the head-to-head, a guardian game literacy education that delivers wise children’s game education, as well as retro game consoles, VR devices, and various board games that can enjoy games that encompass various generations.
Through the cultural experience zone, the awareness of the game has been raised.

In April, 1,125 people (284 families) showed high event satisfaction during the first camp in Pyongyang, Gangwon-do, from Keokuk Must, Jenna AJU, and Chung budget, and in November, Yon gin, Gyeonggi-do.
The representative program of the Game Culture Family Camp is a family-level esports competition where guardians and children participate in one team.
In the Sports Competition, he played Brolsdaz (Super Cell) and Outrider Rush Plus (Nixon Korea), which is good for the whole family, and also presented a variety of souvenirs with the support of Super Cell and Nixon.

One guardian who participated in the Sports Competition said, It was the first time that my son and husband discussed and played the game.
We were able to create a new family culture that shares together.
Through these events, I discovered the new value of the game, so I thought I was good at participating.

The Game Culture Family Camp will be completed with the Game Culture Family Camp Champions League at the Susan Esports Stadium on December 16.
The game, which was participated by family (28 families), who entered the semi-finals from 2021 to 2022, participated in this game, which is a professional game caster, Lee Sung-hoon, and KO Indy, a commentator in the game environment as much as the game environment as well as the economy environment.
It is expected that heated competition will unfold.
As the family competed in a team, it was organized to naturally communicate with families and sharing game culture.
In addition, the participating families have a lot of products.

Meanwhile, the Game Culture Foundation operates a variety of projects to spread the right game culture, such as game culture classes, guardian game-based training, game and immersive healing center programs, and game time selection system.
For more information on the business, please visit the Foundation website (

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