The 6 Most Useful Characters In The Game

In all the main games of the Pokémon saga, you can count on the help of numerous NPCs (non-players) that can tell you the size of your favorite pocket monster or the level of friendship between you.
In Scarlet Pokémon and Purpura it was not going to be an exception to this rule, and has six very important characters throughout the Pale region.
You can identify NPC in this game because their dialog boxes are yellow.

Picnic posts

Throughout the area you will find NPCS with its picnic stalls.
When talking to them, these will give you many useful ingredients to make sandwich.


In addition, these will also allow you to take a break and cure your Pokémon team without having to use your potions or go to the center.

Judge IV

This is only unlocked when you have completed the three main stories and defeated Mengzi.
If you want to make strategy, qualifying battles or simply improve your Pokemon to defeat the chiefs of the incursions in a matter of minutes, then surely you are interested in the IV.

The NPC to change the type of teracristal

When you fight Cuba, you will quickly find out about the existence of a restaurant that allows you to change the terachrystal type of your Pokémon.
This requires fragments of Term that you can find while exploring on the ground (especially in the zero zone), when making friends with the teachers or as a reward of the Raids.
This restaurant is called the Meson El Resort restaurant and is located in Pueblo Gesture. When talking to the NPC at the left, you can select one of your Pokémon and make its type of teracristal change.

Measure the friendship of a Pokémon

This is one of the key features of the license, since some Pokémon only evolve if their friendship with you is maximum (Nepali, for example).
You can also call it happiness.
To know the friendship level of a Pokémon, you can talk to the NPC and her mar ill in Cantata Ciudad (middle level).
You will receive the friendship tape that can upload the friendship of this Pokémon to the fullest.

Obtain the effort tape

In Feudal City you will find a lady with her Lucius who will want to see if your Pokémon is striving for you.
If so, she will give you the effort tape.
The efforts in question correspond to the EVs of your Pokémon.
You can see this value directly in the monster summary, and pressing the X to change graphics.

The definitive training

In Pueblo Hokkaido, next to the Pokémon center, you will find the last NPC gym.
If you have level 50 (or higher) characters in addition to gold or silver capsules, you can enhance one of their statistics (IV): PS, attack, defense, special attack, special defense or speed.
Also keep in mind that in the Arena Du Sierra Canada, once surpassed, the sliding road can make the track again when you want.

The other NPC

Nor do we forget to talk about the NPC that allows you to unlock the special shells for your smart in the Plateau city, which reveals the size of your Pokémon (always in the same city) or even those present at auction, selling different lots.
Every day.

It is also important the NPC of the Pokémon League that gives you rewards every time you fight a certain number of coaches in the area.
Finally, you will have to go through the NPC of Pueblo Beta that asks you for fragments of Sinister to be able to evolve your Char cadet.

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