Xbox One S Deals: 4 Places To Get The Best Xbox One S Deals

The Xbox One S is the newest version of the popular Xbox One console in the market. With 4K video support and HDR, it’s a great device for gaming and entertainment. It’s cheaper than its rival, the PlayStation 4 Pro (original price $349), but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best consoles in town.

Microsoft’s entry-level model in the next-gen consoles is especially cheap with the Xbox Series S, particularly with four online shops.
The rate is so great: Although the Xbox Series S has actually quickly existed for just under 200 euros, however if you are searching for a cheap offer for the console before Christmas
The console there presently costs only 222 euros instead of 299.99 euros.
According to the cost comparison, other traders are currently just starting around 250 euros.
At Amazon, the offer runs for 11 days or as long as the stock lasts, while the duration of the other dealers is not known.
Now for Xbox Series S at Amazon to the Xbox Series S at MediaMarkt now for Xbox Series S at Otto now for the Xbox Series S near Saturn

this uses the Xbox Series S

In contrast to the X-Top design, the S version is known to be rather lost weight and smaller sized and need to be intended mostly at prudent and price-conscious players.
We had actually already discussed the drawbacks and benefits along with the suitability for various requirements (consisting of no disc drive and fewer memory) as part of the market launch:
Good reviews: On, the console received an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars in over 170 reviews.
Efficiency, graphic, density, running volume and price-performance ratio are primarily praised, while the smaller memory is spilled sometimes.
In the test: The site had the console on the test bench and judged as follows:

In the test, the Xbox Series S as a small sis of Series X. Unlike Sony, Microsoft not only excluded the optical drive for his console and changed the form element, however also installed low-performance hardware.
The GPU does less and the storage space of the SSD was likewise halved on 512 GB.

However the efficiency is still fun in practice.
Lots of video games ran in the test with 60 fps (mostly not rendered in 4K in WQHD), often even with 120 fps, and looked actually excellent.
In addition, the Xbox Series S is extremely peaceful in operation.

If you tend to install a number of games on your console, the area on the SSD could quickly become scarce.
Strong enough for 1440p (WQHD) with 60fps
Extremely peaceful
Appealing cost
Very simple with 1.9 kg
Fast setup via app or manual
Storage area on the SSD ends up being limited quickly
Controllers have actually no integrated battery (however standard batteries).
Generally too little power for 4K (native) with 60 fps.
Xbox Series S .
299.99 EUR 222.00 EUR.
For Amazon price consisting of barrel, plus shipping expenses.
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