5 Interesting Facts About Apples Failed Attempt of a Gaming Console

The article talks about the Apple Pippin, which was rumored to be a console from Apple in the 90s. The author talks about 5 interesting facts about it, including how much it cost, what it could do, and what happened as a result of its release.

Did you understand that Apple attempted to acquire a foothold on the marketplace in the 90s?
Most likely not, because the desired PlayStation competitor called Apple Pippin was a big flop.
We describe what was going wrong at the time.

Nintendo & Sony in sight: Apple wants to go to the console throne

We compose the year 1996. Expense Clinton is again elected President of the United States, the chess computer Deep Blue beats the ruling world champion for the common field and the first time hamster is voted animal of the year.

However, far more essential for this story: In the middle of the nineties, the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn control the computer game market-and that is precisely what computer system company Apple wants to alter.
In order to accomplish the enthusiastic goal, the business from California closes with Banzai and establishes its extremely own mix of home computer systems and console: the Apple Pippin, which is offered by Banzai under the name At mark.
However, while the competitor’s models are selling millions of times, Apple and Banzai stay on the Pippin-and there are good reasons.
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The Apple Pippin was a real letdown

With a beginning cost of $599, the Pippin was fairly cheap-but just compared to other home computer systems of the time.
The device was actually far too costly for a video game console.
For contrast: The Sega Saturn cost $399 for the release, Sony offered its very first PlayStation in 1994 for just $299.
The Apple console was therefore around two times as expensive-and the bottom line was not the degree of additional performance that was anticipated from such a system.
The built-in 14.4 bit/s modem, which offered Pippin access to the Internet, might barely bring in anyone behind the oven.
In addition, there was the issue that there were hardly any games for the Apple console.
Just 21 games were developed by the only licensee Banzai for the Pippin (source: Gooddealgames).


The console becomes a massive flop.
While the Sega Saturn sold nearly 11.6 million times and the PlayStation even over 102 million times, Apple and Banzai were just able to make around 42,000 buyers tasty (source: Gamer).
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Just a year after the marketplace launch, the Apple Pippin disappeared from the video game world once again, the production was employed.
Even 26 years after this fiasco, Apple does not appear to have actually forgotten this disgrace.
The business has not dared to take a second attempt to conquer the console market for itself due to the fact that although a quarter of a century has actually now passed.
According to some insiders, that could change quickly (source: gig).
We are delighted!

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