The best assembly of Wolverine from Sun midnight

In Midnight Suns from Marvel Wars out of Wolverine is a unique character-tank that absorbs incoming blows, and then restores his health.
Wolverine differs from other tank units, such as Captain Marvel and Captain America, which also requires a unique assembly for him.
In the next manual, we will consider the best arrangement of Wolverine at Midnight Suns, as well as consider the best cards and heroes for playing with Wolverine.

What cards to use for Wolverine in Midnight Suns?


The presence of this card allows Wolverine to take three cards.
He also gives his cards theft of life until the end of the course and generates heroism.
Since Wolverine is a tank unit, salvation is vital.
This allows you to cope with attacks and treat you at the same time without wasting other cards.

Fast healing

This is a fantastic map, since you can even use it when Wolverine is stunned or cannot move much.
This will restore a significant part of his health and remove status effects.


Thanks to this, he can quickly recover and continue to damage the opponents.

/ Gut

Using this card, it can pick up four enemies at once.
It will also tease the enemy, so they will aim at you on the next move, and if the enemy is knocked out, you get 1 counter.

The counter allows you to reflect any blows during the enemy’s course, if you are either stunned or stunned.

Quick Switching

A quick attack to easily kill the enemy or eliminate weaker enemies.
This card also has a chance to get +1 to strengthen after a knockout.

What heroes to use with Wolverine?

The best characters that can be combined with Wolverine in the Midnight Suns Marvel are those who can strengthen his chain attacks to apply more damage.
The characters that can cause mass damage are an excellent choice to double the spread of damage.
Finally, the allies who can strengthen the attacks of the grouts of Wolverine, imposing a negative status effect on the enemy, are also the best choice.
Remembering all this, we recommend connecting the following heroes with him in the midnight suns Marvel.
Scarlet witch
Dr. Strange

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