Dragon Ball Super Fans Lastly Get Long

A sneak peek of the December 3rd Battle Hour broadcast meant to share more information about the 2023 occasion confirmed the dragon ball super news today by dropping the trailer below. It reveals some cards and characters that individuals who currently play the dragon ball super Card Game should be familiar with by now while likewise flaunting what some characters and their attack animations will look like when gamers are dueling.


dragon ball super fans finally got a video game announcement this weekend that they have actually been waiting on for a very long time now. Banzai NAMC announced this week a new variation of the dragon ball super Card Game that’ll finally bring the game to virtual platforms, a physical-to-digital port that’s been one of the leading requests ever because the physical cards were offered to gather and play with. A specific release date for what’s being called dragon ball super Card Video Game Digital Version hasn’t yet been revealed, however we understand the video game will be out in 2023 with more details to be exposed during the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023 occasion.

Platforms for dragon ball super Card Game Digital Version haven’t yet been confirmed, but one can presume that the video game will concern mobile phones at a minimum.

While the reveal of the digital variation of the game is a relief for those who’ve been asking for a digital variation for a while now, it’s still going to be a long time before the digital version of the card video games is really offered. It’s not coming out till 2023, and we’re not going to get more details about the release date till the Dragon Ball Games Fight Hour 2023 event which happens on March fourth and March 5th, so we’re a couple of months out of the video game’s release at a minimum.

Fortunately is that people will have a possibility to play it prior to it’s formally readily available. Banzai NAMC’s announcement shared this week confirmed that there will indeed be a closed beta test for the dragon ball super Card Video Game Digital Version, though dates for that test haven’t been announced yet either.

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