How to get a free Christmas sweater Backstreet Boys in City Life – Roblox

Backstreet returned, good! Well, in fact, this is their very first debut in the metavselnaya! Backstreet Boys made their way to Roblox and brought several UGC accessories, including one free sweater that can be obtained in the role game City Life. Continue to read below to find out how to unlock this sweater for free and imbued with the spirit of Christmas Backstreet!

How to unlock the Christmas sweater Backstreet Boys in the game City Life

After the appearance in City Life, you will be invited to choose one of the following professions: a doctor, criminal, police, firefighter, cook, hairdresser or cleaning lady. There is also the opportunity not to have a job that we recommend choosing to quickly earn a Christmas sweater Backstreet Boys.

After choosing an unemployed, you must appear in front of your house. From here, look around in search of a bunch of snowballs. Having found him, run up to him and click E to choose one.


Now, to earn the Christmas sweater Backstreet Boys, you just need to throw 10 snowballs at other players. This can be done by throwing them in 10 different players or in the same player 10 times, fortunately, it does not matter! Most likely, you will face someone else trying to complete the same task, so its implementation will not take much time. If you have problems with finding someone, try to write in the chat and ask for help!

As soon as you abandon your tenth snowball, you automatically unlock the Backstreet Battle icon and the Christmas sweater Backstreet Boys. That’s all!

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