How many acts are in Pentiment

Sentiment is a role-playing game of the type Indicate and click, the action of which takes place in medieval Europe of the 16th century. You play for Andreas Madera, an artist working in abbey and living in a neighboring village. But when the baron is killed in abbey, his friend is accused, and you must try to unravel the secret yourself. But in this story there is something more than it seems at first glance. Below we will see how many acts there are in Sentiment before the secret is disclosed. Caution: the following contains spoilers.

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The pediment ends with three acts. During the first act you investigate the murder of the baron, collecting evidence against several suspects both in abbey and in the village. The first act ends with the execution of the sentence to the suspect in the murder. In the second act, Andreas returns to the abbey several years later and is drawn into the second murder, apparently, is connected with the first. Taking a new role and completing the story, the third act is shorter and does not contain murders. In general, Sentiment must take the average player. Pass about 20 hours once.


However, it should also be noted that one Sentiment will not be enough to pass all levels. Achievements of Steam or Game Pass. If you are careful, you can fulfill the achievements of the third act for one attempt. But you will need to see the executed all suspects in both investigations of murders in order to get them all that means at least three passages of the first two acts.

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