Will Sindri forgive Domen at God of War Ragnarok? (Spoilers)

In the last adventures of Rates and Women in God of War Ragnarök, there are many dramatic turns through which our heroes pass. From the war with the gods Air to the resolution of the many problems that plague the nine kingdoms, players can expect to experience a roller coaster of emotions. However, that type of trip is not limited only to the father and son duo, with the Dwarf brothers of Sindhi and Book also through a drainer. If you are wondering if Sindhi will forgive Women in God of War Ragnarokvamos to discuss.

As usual, there will be important spoilers in history later, so don’t keep reading if you want to experience things on your own.

Sindhi, Book and Women in God of War Ragnarök

The rupture between Sindhi and Women, and to some extent, Rates, is derived from the fact that Book was killed by Odin, who has made Try pass all the time. After stealing Asgard’s mask, Women returns with his allies and argues what his next step would be. To avoid Ragnarök, it was determined that Odin should be killed on his own, with Tar providing a useful solution with a secret path to Asgard.

The eye of Aguilar Book begins to wonder why God never presented this plan and why, instead of calling him, Try always addresses our young hero as Loki. Pressing too much, Odin finally reveals that he has been an impostor of Try all the time, fatally stabbing Book before escaping with the mask.

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Having lost Book once, this unfortunate turn of events breaks something in Sindhi, and it seems that there is no turning back for the dwarf and our heroes, even if it eventually helps in the battle against Asgard and Odin. Of course, it is more for the thirst for revenge than for love of Women and Rates at this time.

Will Sindhi return as a villain?

Taking into account that Book’s death would probably have not happened if Duteous had not been so firm in rescuing Try from his prison, one would understand why Sindhi blames young Loki. As part of a search after the game, we have a final interaction with Sindhi, although with very few words. The various dwarves that players know in God of War Ragnarök will congregate in Svartalfheim for Book funeral. Go there, and Rates and Freya will help you with the preparations.

Sindhi will finally appear, crying on his brother’s body and saying his last words. Holding a Freya torch, fallen Book is sent on its way while Freya shoots the flame arrow. Rates tries to comfort Sindhi, but his hand is rejected with a look of pure contempt. Without saying anything, Sindhi moves away before disappearing.

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This less than conclusive final raises the question: Sindhi will appear in the future as a villain, especially when it comes to Women? The possibilities are not as high, with the couple as dense as thieves both in the first game and in God of War Ragnarök. We could even see a trip very similar to Freya’s, which went from being an enemy to a trusted ally once again throughout the game. Of course, everything depends on whether we get more content for God of War Ragnarök, and for fans, that will be something to expect.

There they have it, our thoughts about whether Sindhi will forgive Women in God of War Ragnarök. If you are looking for more information about the game, be sure to consult other guides, such as how to end up remnants of Asgard favor, who are the voice actors or understand more about how Odin lost his eye.


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