MSI, the second work of the hit G271! Gaming Monitor MSI G2712 released

MSI Korea (CEO Public Book) will launch a new 27-inch gaming monitor, MSI G2712.

The new MSI G2712, which is a turning point for generational replacement with the 1,100: 1 contrast ratio, is completely out of the 1,000: 1 contrast ratio, which was officially acted in the existing IPS plane monitor market, and the Seconds of the MSI Optics G271, one of the most popular models of 2022 It was adopted as a model.

First, the maximum refresh rate, one of the key elements of the gaming monitor, to 170Hz, as well as the AMD Re-sync Premium and the nvidia G2712, MSI G2712, gradually requires high-end games. The function is further strengthened according to the environment.

Furthermore, the MSI G2712, which adds MSI console mode technology of up to 120hz through monitor settings, can be performed not only in computer games but also in console games through PlayStation and Xbox.

In addition, the Night Vision Mode, which detects and adjusts the dark area in the game through the advanced A.I., and the three presets, the screen mode setting that can be changed immediately according to the usage environment, the five-way OSD navigation joystick located on the back of the monitor Help you enjoy a convenient game.

On the other hand, MSI officials said, It is the second model of the MSI Optics G271, which is already regarded as the best gaming monitor, and can experience the overwhelming game immersion with a thinner inner bezel with the advanced monitor performance. He asked for a lot of interest and support.

Additional information on the MSI monitor can be found on the MSI Korea website and MSI Korea official Facebook or MSI Korea official Instagram.

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