LOL: The category of forgotten objects that can receive a great reown very soon

League of Legends has suffered in just six months the two most ambitious updates he has received over recent years. However, neither the great damage reduction nor the introduction of the 2023 preseason has made Riot Games relax. Although currently all developers focus on stabilizing the video game for the beginning of season 13 next January, some workers are already sharing with the community which believe that they are the pending subjects of the video game and their next great objectives. Among them, a very interesting one related to an entire category of items stands out.

The next big change to League of Legends objects

Tim Jiang is a League of Legends developer specialized in game systems and usually known as Thereby. Increasingly active in social networks, this employee of Riot Games wanted to respond to the doubt of a member of the community who expressed his discontent with the state of objects with impact effects. These items are those that, in addition to statistics, generate additional passive effects when we hit the champions. Good examples of this category of items could be Goons’s fury leaf, the blade of the ruined king or the end of the ingenuity.

Ensuring that in Riot Games they were not satisfied with the objects of impact effects, Guinea’s fury leaf said as one of the main problems. The greatest ruling with this article is that it centralizes the Builds of many champions because of their main passive. As a reminder, this increases the damage to each blow into two points for every 1% critic that the user accumulates. Thus, the best way to take advantage of the item is to buy the conventional objects of the shooters (except for the infinite edge) and a good part of the variety that should generate is going.

This is not the only problem indicated by the developer. It also considers that many of the objects of this category only offer damage, without adding any striking effect. The impact effects mean rapid attacking and doing special things. It can’t simply be more damage. If it is going to be damage, the critic will always be better. We are exploring different options with more support, more utility, more damage and things like that. I think we have to invest a lot of effort in determining what his space in League of Legends is, explained True.

League of Legends has some items based on the quite powerful and even spectacular impact effects (titanic hydra, Krakens or blade of the ruined king). However, most suffer from the problems mentioned by the developer. They are simply much less fun to use than the rest of the alternatives and, except in some very specific champions, are not too effective for it to deserve. A situation that also has a difficult solution: all mythical objects for shooters are one way or another linked to critical impact.


Knowing the problems and also of the difficult task that will be to solve them, True reassured the community. It is something that we have to solve the next time we update the objects of impact effects. I know it’s something that will happen, I’m sure. However, I have no idea when we will do it.

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