LOL: The theft of Dragona Tecnoquímica that shows that the jungle pets are very broken

The few days that we have been pre-season of League of Legends is leaving us very interesting things. The heart of steel that is causing headaches in the fights with the tanks, the new pings or the pets in the jungle are several of these modifications that are inside what to speak inside the invoked’s crack.

Putting an emphasis on the last one, we have rank and that can attack long distances such as accurate barrage or Riggs melanoma.


While the Nash or ends, steal the technochímica dragon

To put the play in context. The red side team was stomping the game both in casualties, and in gold and in targets, so their opponents could claim rewards if they threw turrets or achieved a dragon or Baron Nash or. In those moments, Real with Morgan were making Nash or, while the rest of his teammates fought for the techno chemistry dragon that had come out.

With the Nash or practically finished, and aware of the situation in the lower part of the river, Real launches an accurate barrage to the river with the faith of being able to steal the goal. To the surprise of the whole world, the blond champion of the crack stole the goal, but not because of the definitive one, but for the pet that gave the last self-Ataque.

In the final part of the video it looks like the pet, in slow motion, it goes quickly where the last attack of the champion has launched, providing the additional damage necessary to steal the techno chemistry dragon and thus achieve the soul. If it was difficult for its rivals to turn it around, with this robbery in extremis even more.

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