How to get Dawn Stone at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The evolutionary stones are nothing new when it comes to Pokémon, since they have a different way for specific creatures to evolve instead of the usual level. That is the case this time too, that’s why we are here to tell you. How to get a Dawn stone in scarlet and violet Pokémon.

Where to find Dawn Stone in Scarlet and Violet

West providence (area three) is a place you want to go to find a stone of dawn, and crossing the roast desert is just one of the ways to get there.

As your adventure takes you through the Pale region, you will find some quite powerful Pokémon. This specific area is no exception, but if you are only looking to find the stone, simply avoid the best you can until you reach your destination.

Ultimately, you will climb the hills until you find some ruins. The stone can be found in the form of a bright Puebla.

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All Dawn Stone evolutions

All signs suggest that only two Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet require a Dawn Stone to evolve. One is the male version of Cilia, the evolution of Rats, which with the stone becomes gal lade. The other is a female snout, which when the stone is given evolves to Trespass.


That is all you need to know how to get a stone of dawn in scarlet and violet Pokémon. If you are looking for more tips in the game, be sure to keep them here in with our guides on how to get a solar stone and a lunar stone, as well as endless information on the links below.

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