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The agreement settlements with Youssef Mouton continue to be postponed. Borussia Dortmund desired to sign a Turkish skill. Thomas Meunière is obviously still the focus of FC Barcelona. All news and reports about BVB at a look

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BVB, report: Mouton extension continues to be delayed

According to the report, there is no brand-new stand in the stagnant negotiations between Russia and the assailant. New talks prepared for mid-September were postponed to a time after the competition in Qatar due to the unexpected World Cup election of the teenager

Settlements on a brand-new agreement by Yousuf Mouton near Borussia Dortmund continue to be delayed. According to Sport1, the hope that he will reach a new working paper by reaching his 18th birthday on November 20. There had actually been speculation recently

Mouton himself said on Saturday as part of an interview on the concern of his future: I will decide, no matter how. I feel extremely comfy in Dortmund, I feel the coach’s trust. In the end you will then notice whether I will remain or Not.


BVB’s chances would be good for an arrangement, the report states. The Dortmund needs to offer their opponent a yearly salary of five million euros

BVB, rumor: Interest in Turkish junior international?

Detangle, who was also traded as a newbie at Dortmund’s arch-rival Schalke 04, is at Besides Stamp keeper and is still under contract after an extension in October to 2026. Instead of the young Turks, BVB signed Alexander Meyer a few months earlier. The 31-year-old originated from Regensburg complimentary of charge

While 2 other observers had actually advised a commitment of the tangles, the 3rd scout’s assessment that Detangle might not have been a team gamer

Borussia Dortmund is said to have actually dealt intensively in summer season with the commitment of the Turkish U21 international Erin Detangle. According to the Turkish paper Fanatic, the keeper of Besides Istanbul was a hot prospect for the post of the Nobel agent. The veto of a scout lastly led to the black and yellow range from a transfer

BVB, rumor: FC Barcelona once again dramatically on Meunière?

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According to the report, Barcelona desires to get Meunière in January. After the player has actually already been called, the Catalans would need to concern the BVB and agree with the yellow and black over a transfer cost so that the transfer occurs. Meunière still has a contract that stands till 2024 in Dortmund

After the player has actually currently been called, the Catalans would have to come to the BVB and agree with the yellow and black over a transfer charge so that the transfer happens. Meunière still has a contract that is legitimate till 2024 in Dortmund

Barça was already on Meunière in the last two transfer phases, however there was no change. It might have happened. Barcelona was looking for a trusted right-back at an affordable rate. I fit into her profile, said Meunière He Lactate Nooks. The Dortmund’s return was apparently too expensive: they would have requested in between 15 and 20 million euros for Meunière

All news and rumors about BVB at a glance

Rather of the young Turks, BVB signed Alexander Meyer a few months back. The Dortmund’s return was presumably too high: they would have requested between 15 and 20 million euros for Meunière

Due to the fact that the club is currently not pleased with Héctor Bulletin and Sergi Roberto, Barça is looking for a right-back. Sergio Best, also purchased for this position, is now dipping into air conditioner Milan

FC Barcelona is said to be thinking about a commitment of Thomas Meunière von Borussia Dortmund This is reported by the Spanish sports paper Munro Deporting. Appropriately, the Catalans had currently come into contact with the Belgian

Date Challenger
24.11., 1.30 p.m. Lion City Sailors
28.11., 12 p.m. John Daryl Tarim FC
November 30th, 1 p.m. Vietnam

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