One-Way Journey Alyx Half

One thing that Valve is happy is the truth that the testers played the video game for very long sessions and never felt the usual tiredness that you feel by playing the titles of virtual reality. We normally see the testers betting 2-3 hours before taking a break in the restroom, and Walker believes that this is because of enhancements in the valve index.

Alex Demi-Vie was released in March 2020 and will be a prequel to Half-Life 2, where you play Alex Vance, an eminent character of the initial game. Valve will be at Video game Awards with brand-new material and, possibly, a precise release date for PC. For the minute, a PlayStation VR port is not in the cards however not even omitted.

Alex Demi-Vi is called upon to be a traditional half life experience, stated Walker, however that does not mean that it has a multiplayer mode because we do not plan to take care of multiplayer modes at this phase So the game will only bring out a solo and direct mode, you can play by using your VR helmet.

Developer Robin Walker has actually exposed some additional information on Alex Demi-Vie in a current interview with The Edge, where the linearity and multiplayer of the entering virtual reality title was gone over for the first time because last month’s revelation.

Half life has always been to discover a path created by hand and carefully designed, where each area is the result of a team of individuals who show on what it contains and why it is interesting, he Shared. A few of these spaces offer a number of methods to navigate through them, but you always move forward overall.


This is a standard half life, so it is basically a one-way journey, added the programmer. This means that you will not go through an open world or a sandbox environment, and that you will need to carry out the direct tasks to reach completion of the story without any point where you will be free to stop and see what you wish to do first or instead of this job.

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