[Experience] Nexons first console demonstration, how do you feel?

Nixon came to G-Star in four years and has released a lot of new works that have been developed while polishing and polishing. There are only five new trailers in four demonstrations. In particular, Nixon operated the BTC’s largest 300 booths and designed the booth mainly for demonstration, showing a movement that is suitable for the game show.

This year, Nixon’s G-Star booths have appeared in a long time and have much more than meeting various new works. It is the first demonstration version of the console platform in Nixon’s history. It is the first place to experience Nixon’s first change in Nixon’s first change to become a global company by throwing out the past framework that was biased on PC and mobile and expanding the console platform.

The console platform demonstrations you can see at Nixon Booth are two types of ‘First Death’ and ‘Dave the Diver’. You can experience the PS5 and Nintendo switches, respectively. What is the first feeling of the console platform work presented by Nixon? I would like to convey the two types of experiences that I had played in advance through the pre-experience session that I would have used the optimization and hand taste that can only be felt on the console platform.

What is ‘First Dependent’ you did with PS5?

  • Game Name: First Dependent

  • Genre Name: Root Shooter (PC, PS, XBOX)

  • Service / Developer: Nixon / Nixon Games

  • Yo: ‘First Defendant’ is a root shooter game that combines RPG and shooting. You can demonstrate the first PS5 console platform version with Korean dubbing for the first time in G-Star. ‘First Defendant’ can be experienced at the A01 booth in the BEX CO Exhibition Hall 1 BTC.

The first console platform demonstration that can be found in Nixon’s booth is ‘First Dependent’. It is a game of root shooter genre set in the SF worldview, and it is a game that fosters three-dimensional action and unique successor using grappling hooks, and completes your own build.


‘First Defendant’ is a game that has been in CBT for a week since October 20. At the time, many gamers have seen the game through the test, and most of the information has already been released. The G-Star demonstration version is not much different from the CBT build, so it may seem that the presence is somewhat less in the demonstration.

However, the first d’Ascendant, which I actually experienced as a console platform, was definitely different. The biggest difference between PC and console devices is the operation. Unlike PCs that use keyboards and mice as main, console devices use dedicated controllers.

The First Dependent was demonstrated on the PS5 device, and the game was able to manipulate the game through the PS5 controller Dual Sense. Dual Sense supports many new features that were not in the previous controller. Among them, haptic feedback and adaptive trigger were well-received and recognized as a differentiated technology of Dual Sense.

‘First Defendant’ also supported the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger in the game to experience the function properly. In particular, thanks to the adaptive trigger, I could feel a shooting blow that I could not feel on the keyboard and mouse. The adaptive trigger is a new technology that makes the hand taste by adjusting the pressure of the L2 and R2 buttons depending on the game’s situation.

Thanks to this technology, I felt a certain level of pressure as if I was pulling the trigger of the real firearms every time I shot it with the R2 button in the game. The new technique of the PS5 is applied to the game well.

The haptic feedback also helped to increase the game’s immersion in a certain situation, giving it a soft vibration to the hands. In the tutorial, when the giant boss broke the land, the pads rang out to add a sense of realism. However, in the strength and change of vibration, the difference in the situation cannot be greatly felt, so it seems that a little more detailed adjustment should be achieved.

The key of the controller was designed as a structure optimized for the FPS, so there was no inconvenience in moving the character and shooting a gun. The skill was also combined with L1 and four buttons to shoot and move freely. If you want, you can change the key settings in the options, so if you use the controller often, I think you can play game play much more comfortably.

On the other hand, if you haven’t used the controller often, it may be difficult to manipulate the FPS game that needs to be aimed by the enemy while moving the point of view. In particular, if you keep moving your character like ‘First Dependent’, you need to use your skills and match the enemy.

Therefore, the FPS game, which supports most controllers, provides the Aim Assist system. If you take Aim near the enemy, it automatically makes it easier to shoot with the enemy. ‘First Defendant’ also had the same Aim Assist System as above, and could adjust the strength of the assist in the options.

I was curious about the performance of Aim Assist, so I fought once, and I had a miserable result of dying in the first area. In addition to the Aim Assist, you can adjust the options, such as aim speed adjustment, non-aiming, and speed adjustment according to the aiming status.

I was able to see a decent appearance in the optimization. One of the unfortunate things that came out a lot in the PC version CBT was optimization and high specifications. The console version showed much more stable optimization and frame defense than a PC, allowing you to play comfortably.

Of course, I felt that the frame fell little by little in the section where the effects of skills and bullets came out at once. However, it was not serious enough to interfere with the gameplay, and the falling frame quickly recovered, so there was no inconvenience.

The console version of ‘First Dependent’ was a lot more clean and different play than expected. The Korean dubbing was also set naturally according to the characters, so I could hear it without any sense, and I felt that it would be more helpful in terms of story delivery than English.

It was clean without any controller operation, graphics, and optimization. As it is fun to manipulate differentiated from PCs, you will be able to feel new even if you participate in CBT earlier.

What is the ‘Dave the Diver’ enjoyed at the Nintendo Switch?

  • Game Name: Dave the Diver

  • Genre: Marine Adventure, Management Simulation (PC, Switch)

  • Service / Developer: Nixon / Mint Rocket

  • Yo: ‘Dave the Diver’ is an exotic game where you can enjoy marine exploration and sushi management at once. This is the first Nintendo Switch platform to demonstrate the G-Star. ‘Dave the Diver’ can be experienced at the A01 booth in the BEX CO Exhibition Hall 1 BTC.

The next console platform demonstration is ‘Dave the Diver’. It is a game that combines marine adventure and management simulation. It is a game featuring a different concept of catching fish or exploring fish in the sea during the day and running a sushi restaurant with fish caught in the evening.

‘Dave the Diver’ is a game that was released on October 27 in ahead of Steam. Currently, it has been overwhelmingly 2,900 positive steam evaluation, and on the 7th, it achieved the top spot in the most popular game in Korea.

‘Dave the Diver’, which can be demonstrated in G-Star, is a portable version of the PC version to enjoy the Nintendo Switch. This is a new attempt to manipulate Joycon and head to the difference between PCs and other operations and portable platforms.

The first time I saw ‘Dave the Diver’ at the Nintendo Switch was ‘small’. The game I enjoyed on the 32-inch monitor was a small screen from the small screen of the Nintendo Switch.

This size difference was also felt in sea exploration and sushi operations. The sea exploration was so small that it was difficult to match the harpoon than I thought, and when I served in the sushi restaurant, the size of the sushi was small, so it took time to understand what sushi it was.

I think it’s inconvenient that I couldn’t feel when I enjoyed it on a big screen. Of course, if you play the game by connecting the Nintendo Switch to the TV, the size of the size will disappear, but it is also used as a portable device, so I thought it would be good to add options such as expansion of resolution to the options.

On the other hand, there was no inconvenience other than the size. Since it is already a game that has already been verified, there is nothing to mention in terms of content and system, and the optimization and manipulation design is very well done, so I could not feel any bugs and other inconveniences.

Like ‘First Dependent’ mentioned earlier, the console device’s manipulation was made well, so I could feel the fun that I could not feel on the PC. If the game itself was made simple and easy to enjoy, it was a console game if I enjoyed this game with the Nintendo Switch from the beginning.

Nixon’s sincerity for the console platform was seen that both ‘First Defendant’ and ‘Dave the Diver’ were able to enjoy it on the console platform.

Like Nixon of the year, if you are participating in G-Star, we recommend that you will be in Nixon’s booth to experience the console.

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