DLC announcement to add new leaders Civy Risation VI. Ieyasu Tokugawa and Lincoln to appear after a long absence

Publisher 2K announced on November 16 a new DLC and season pass of the strategy game Civilization VI (Sid Meier’s Civilization VI). Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Mac App Store) and iOS. It is said that 18 leaders will be added between November 21 and March 2023.

City Relation VI is a turn-based strategy game that experiences the rise and fall of civilization. The game progresses from ancient times to the future for each turn. Players develop their civilization while expanding their territory and building buildings. Aim for one of the multiple victory conditions, such as winning the dominance victory to occupy all the capital of other civilizations, and religion victory, which dyes all civilization with religions that have been found.

The following 18 leaders will be added in the season pass Leader Pass announced this time.

Pack 1: Great negotiator
Abraham Lincoln (USA)
Queen Gina Mandate (Congo)
Sultan Saladin (Arabia)

Pack 2: Great commander
Ieyasu Tokugawa (Japan)
Nadir Shah (Persia)
Spring Emperor Layman I (Ottoman Empire)

Pack 3: Chinese rule
Era Emperor (China)
Emperor (China)
Takeover (China)

Pack 4: Sahara ruler
Ramses II (Egypt)
Ptolemies Morning Cleopatra (Egypt)
Sonata Data King (Mari)

Pack 5: Great construction
Toyota (Visiting)
Sejong (Korean)
Ludwig II (Germany)

Pack 6: England ruler
Elizabeth I (England)
Variant’s Request King Halal III (Norway)
Victoria (England) in the steam era

The above 18 leaders will be distributed three people in about four months from November 21 to March 2023. In this series of LCS, civilization is not added, and only leaders seem to be added. On the other hand, the number of extra people has increased compared to the previous season pass New Frontier Pass-Invitation to the New World (hereinafter, New Frontier Pass).

The additional instructors include Abraham Lincoln and Ieyasu Tokugawa, which have appeared since Sid Meier’s Civilization IV, as well as new leaders such as Nadir Shah and Sonata Data. There are other versions of existing leaders, such as Victoria in the steam era and Raleigh’s intense king Halal III. It is said that the ability and agenda of the leaders will be revealed in the near future.

To apply a leader path, in addition to the main game, some leaders will need a DLC released so far. Specifically, the leaders of civilization added in previous LCS, such as Nadir Shah in Persian and the Ottoman Empire Layman I, are applicable. In order to use them, the DLC that adds civilization that each leader governs is needed in advance. Players who have purchased LCS with civilization and leaders in individuals should be aware. For Windows PC version of Complete Edition buyers, you can get a leader path at no extra charge. For more information, check out the store page and official website.


The City Relation VI has also been released for Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One/Android, but this announcement does not mention the distribution of leader passes and a series of LCS.

This is the first new content in about a year and eight months since the last DLC distribution of the New Frontier Pass in March 2021. It has been more than six years since the release of the main part of City Relation VI, but it will still enjoy one more turn.

The City Rising VI leader path will be distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Mac App Store) and iOS on November 21.

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