God of War Ragnarok PS4 vs PS5: See graphic comparison between game versions

The Digital Foundry team launched their comparative analysis of God of War Ragnarök on all consoles PlayStation . All parameters and graphics are discussed in detail, as well as the great differences between PS4 and PS5 versions.

Version PS4 vs PS5: What is the result?

Digital Foundry has released its full comparison of all versions of the Santa Monica hit for the end of the year. The verdict? An incredible job was done by the teams to ensure that Ragnarök Function without problems on PS4, maintaining a visual quality that imposes respect.

Remembering that the PS4 was released in 2013 and was a real success. PS5 obviously is not left out, as we specify in our test, the comfort provided by the high frequency screen that drives the update rate plus 60 frames per second ings visual comfort.

Of course the PS4 will not be able to reach the maximum resolution, but players do not have to worry about God of War Ragnarök, as it was well worked in its version for the previous generation.


Despite the graphic quality, don’t forget that the game requires a lot from your PS4, so make sure it has everything up to date so as not to risk damaging you. You can choose different graphics modes, according to what is best suited for you.

As for PS5 players, they will have no problem and will be able to take advantage of the maximum resolution of the game if they have a suitable TV for the occasion.

The game scenarios have been well worked out, and you will go through arid, frozen places, colors-rich forests, mountainous regions, volcanic areas and more. In addition, creatures (especially gigantic) also have incredible design and of course you will be enchanted by the look of the different gods and giants of Nordic mythology.

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