DRXs Pyosik has the opportunity to make one customers joke a fact after Globes 2022

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Every Worlds’ victor obtains to pick a champ to get a unique skin, but there are particular standards that should be satisfied. A player must have played in 2 round-robin matches and one playoff match to be qualified for a skin. Players can also just pick skins for champions that they played in the event. Thankfully for Posit, he’s already played Kindred four times during the event, so he will be able to select a skin for her if he wins the competition.


Kindred is Posit’s preferred champ. The player was once a Kindred one-trick pony, and his ID in Korean means mark, which is a referral to the marks that Kindred collects on the map.

DRX are the initial play-ins team to have ever before gotten to the semifinals as well as finals of Worlds. After qualifying for the occasion as the LCK’s fourth seed, extremely a couple of expected Posit and his staff to make it this much, especially given that they had to encounter competition favorites Gen. G. The team made it to the final and also have simply one obstacle left in their means

Every Globes’ victor gets to pick a champion to get a special skin, but there are specific criteria that should be met. A player needs to have played in 2 round-robin suits as well as one playoff suit to be eligible for a skin. Thankfully for Posit, he’s currently played Kindred 4 times throughout the occasion, so he will be able to select a skin for her if he wins the competition.

Posit began his job in 2019 with Dragon Academy, in the past swiftly climbing the ranks as well as being advertised to the primary group the list below year. Ever since, he has remained DRX’s energetic jungle and remains to thrive as a dark equine in South Korea.

After certifying for the finals of Worlds 2022 with DRX, Posit now has the opportunity.

Globes 2022 finalist Hong Posit Chang-hyeon may be able to accomplish one of his viewer’s wishes quickly.

There was this one viewer who would certainly tell me ‘why don’t you go professional and also simply make your own Kindred skin? Posit said. I’d be like, ‘man, stop joking,’ I was at Grand master, so exactly how could I even dream of going pro?

DRX are the very first play-ins team to have actually ever gotten to the semifinals and finals of Worlds.

In a current interview with Horizon, DRX’s jungle narrated from back when he was a streamer before going pro inOrganization of Legends _. Throughout a stream, he claimed one of his visitors motivated him to complete skillfully, so players could lastly get their hands on a worthwhile Kindred skin.

The Worlds 2022 last in between DRX as well as T1 will certainly kick off on Saturday, Nov. 5 at 7 pm CT. It will be dipped into Chase Facility in San Francisco, The Golden State.

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