DOFUS RETRO Objectives 2023

The editorial team continues its summary collection of the Krosmonote with the action schedule of the Doffs retro team for 2023. On the program, we can obviously discover vintage temporal, yet this is not the only point that will certainly inhabit Ankara this year.

Ankara reveals the 2023 updates for Doffs Retro

It will certainly currently be a concern of waiting for the upgrade 1.39 at first, then the Dev blogs of next year to discover even more regarding the spots. Note also that a beta is currently underway for the following version of Doffs Retro.

Throughout the Live, Logan highlighted the group’s wish to use new occasions to bring the video game to life throughout the years. If it already has an update 1.39 by the end of 2022, we can presume that the will in the moderate and brief term is to provide boundless gameplay systems or permitting the task to energize web servers.


Along with retro temporal which will show up at the start of 2023, we can keep in mind in this ambition the mergers of the servers. As on Doffs 2.0, the new web servers designs make it feasible to far better support large crowds. Furthermore, Doffs Retro had currently shown the very first possibilities of refusion a couple of months earlier. What delight areas, both french-speaking and worldwide.

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