Twitter will charge $ 20 to verified accounts

Twitter has begun a new era. With Elon Musk now in charge of the social network, some things will change. In this way, today it has been revealed that the first mandate of the new owner is to increase the price of Twitter Blue, with which you can now pay to have the precious blue brand that verifies your profile.

According to The Verge, Twitter Blue, the subscription service of this platform, plans to offer the option to automatically verify your profile, thus giving the blue brand. However, This also means that the monthly payment will increase from the current $4.99, to $19.99 dollars.

If the substantial increase was not enough, Musk has declared that If employees fail to fulfill this task for November 7, 2022, they will be fired , something that does not give a good first impression of the new head of the company.

In this way, Twitter Blue is expected to generate at least half of the income obtained by the social network by advertisements at the moment. This is just one of the promises that Musk made prior to the acquisition of the company . The other great objective of the new boss is to eliminate the social network bots.

We only have to wait for November 7 to see if the plan to increase the price of Blue substantially succeeds, or if in a few days we report the dismissal of several employees. In related issues, you can learn more about the purchase of Musk here. Similarly, Rebellion leaves this platform.

Editor’s note:

The price is ridiculous. While obtaining a blue brand is something complicated, it is not something worth paying $20 per month. Although the platform has several problems, this was never one of the main ones, and it is rare that this is the first major initiative of the new owner.

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