[Rolled Cup] LPL Down T1, Jingdong Gaming 3: 1 and the final (comprehensive)

T1 defeated Jingling Gaming 3: 1 in the first match of the 2022 LOL World Championship (Rolled Cup) at the Atlanta State Farm Arena on the 30th. Although he gave one set, he brought three sets to the mid-bot’s performance. T1 now meets the finals of the Zenji-DRX winner. It is a civil war in five years.

First, the veteran ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk was a series of dignity. ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk, who gave the first set to Jingling Gaming, took out his best friend Rise and brought two sets with his unique play making ability. Jingling Gaming was greatly wounded in the ultimate and teleportation shaking and weaving. In the third set, the gap between the lines and roaming against Air also created a flow of gaps.

Another first-class public is ‘Kama Sushi’ immigration. ‘Kama Sushi’ showed the ‘one deal difference’ throughout the game. In the first or three sets, Helios had no presence except for the winning one set. On the other hand, ‘Kama Sushi’ was active in Lucian, as well as lines, as well as operating-Hanta, attracting opponents with flexible play or breaking down composition.

Jingling Gaming, who was in defensive, changed the direction of the game in four sets. The T1’s victory cards, Rise and Lucian, were all combined with Jin-Karma in the bot. However, it was not enough to stop the T1. Kama Sushi and Kerry BYU Minsk, who took out the Barus-Lenata glass, completely broke down the balance of bot, and scored in the upper body and counterattacked by Kana bi SEO Jin-hyuk.

Eventually, Jingling Gaming knelt in front of a huge T1. Even in the last four sets, the weight difference was not overcome from the stage of the line. The T1 all five people felt the day. In the early days, mistakes and unfortunate judgments were obvious, but as the set flowed, the performance became harder. T1 now goes to the final.

■ 2022 LOL World Championship Semifinal 1 match result

t1 3 vs 1 Jingling Gaming
1 set t1 loss vs Sending gaming
2 set T1 Win vs. Jingling Gaming
3 set T1 Win vs. Jingling Gaming
4 set T1 Win vs. Jingling Gaming

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