The price is 300,000 won. Sonys new controller Dual Sense Edge release date

Sony’s high-end controller ‘Dual Sense Edge’ will be released on January 26, 23. Reservations will be received sequentially from October 25th.

The recommended consumer price is set at 308,000 won. The stick module that can be replaced separately is 30,800 won. The components include two pairs of stick caps, two rear buttons, a portable case and a USB. The portable case allows you to store all the components, and you can charge the USB with a controller in the case.

Dual Sense Edge, which was first unveiled at Games com 2022 on August 24, is a high-end version of the Wireless Controller Dual Sense for the PS5. The exterior is similar to the dual sense, but it can be used for more convenient rear buttons and key mapping.


Users can change their keys to their own style, and to adjust the sensitivity of the analog stick. It is also possible to adjust the input distance of the tree in detail to enter the button faster. The functions adjusted separately by the user can be stored through ‘profile’ and can be loaded with each game. Three rear buttons are also available to enable more detailed operation. You can also buy and replace an analog stick sold separately.

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