The new Multiversus character stars Gremlins and is presented in this trailer

Stripe is the new Multiverses fighter, Warner Bros. Games’s Brawler developed by Player First Games. The protagonist of Gremlins is now available a playable character and is part of the first seon of the free-to-play. He is a murderous cls fighter who stands out for his skills of a rebel nature, who translate his personality. The trailer that heads this news shows the main movements of it. He prepares the claws, because tears are coming.

The new incorporation into the Multiverses template also uses weapons such the circular mountain range, the chainsaw and dynamite . Any object can become a potential weapon and Stripe uses a skateboard to hit the enemy without any consideration. On the other hand, he is capable of coupling the rivals, a maneuver both attack and evion. Warner Bros. Games h also confirmed a Stripe skin that can be acquired in the game.

The spooky era in multiverses

Yes, that time of the year h arrived, that of Twitter names accompanied by spoke and pumpkins and that of Halloween events in video games. Multiverses does not remain oblivious to the party and h started the Monster Mush event, which gives the players the possibility of enjoying games in which the ankle boots will be exchanged for candies. He does the trick and treatment and receives the dog’s cake, percent mummy, the profile icon orchard of pumpkins and the sticker Halloween pumpkins.

These are other Halloween rewards:

  • Iron giant character variant, Frankenstein monster

* Superman Black Lantern character variant
* Tom and Jerry Vampire character variant
* Velma Witch character variant
* Wonder Woman character variant black flhlight
* Violin Monster Expulsion Effect
* Expulsion effect bats from Scoobyoctubre
* Superman Black Lantern profile icon
* Wonder Woman Black Lantern profile icon

  • Scoobyoctubre banner

Multiverses can be downloaded for free in Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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